23 weeks with our boys :)

Thursday, October 19, 2017

These sweet ones are still not named and I dropped the ball on their 22 week chalkboard because we were getting our house painted and everything was out of sorts :/ So here we are at 23 weeks and things still aren't put back together so I opted to just take a pic while we were out to dinner tonight:)

 23 weeks with Walker

23 weeks with Jack Henry and Hadley

21 weeks with our boys...

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Im slacking a little since I will be 22 weeks tomorrow and my chalkboards that I used to spend lots of time decorating are now very quickly written blurbs, but hey, I am getting it done! We are having a hard time naming these boys but I am hoping we can nail it down sometime this week. I made a list of the things I need for these babies and even ordered some baby bedding for them! I feel like I grew a lot this week but I am still feeling comfortable for the most part. I have kind of accepted my stomach/ appetite is what it is and I probably won't feel normal until delivery, but I am thankful I'm not constantly nauseated. Just taking my nausea medicine daily still and dealing with the food aversions. I love feeling them more more often and stronger, it is such a joy, Thank you Jesus for these precious boys who you already know by name :)

21 weeks with #4 and 5 

21 weeks with Walker 

21 weeks with Jack Henry and Hadley 

Maternity Clothes? Can still pull off a few maternity items but not many :)

Sleep? Still sleeping great!!! 

Movement? Feeling movement more often and stronger. 

Cravings? Still nothing 

Gender? Boys

Symptoms: Mild heart burn and sciatica still. 

What I am looking forward to:Naming these boys.

20 weeks with our boys :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Here I am 20 weeks with my baby boys! I am getting so excited and am most excited to name these boys! We have always had such an easy time naming out children but this time has been a lot harder. Boy names have always been hard for us and to come up with TWO more is challenging. Luke and I have always really agreed on names, but this time, that has been hard too! I really love getting attached and connected and excited about my babies when I name them, so hopefully we can nail that down soon. I began feeling tiny movement in my 18th week but as of now, I am feeling them move much more often and loving every minute. 
I still don't feel like myself (as far as appetite and nausea go) which is a bummer but I'm not constantly nauseated so I am thankful for that! Still taking my diclegis at night and I'm going to finish this bottle up and see how I do with out it and my nausea. I can't believe I'm in the 20s now! Ive gained 16 pounds so far ( a little less than I did with Jack Henry and Hadley but also had a heavier start to this pregnancy than I di with theirs) It's getting exciting!

 20 weeks pregnant with Walker
20 weeks pregnant with Jack Henry and Hadley 

Maternity Clothes? Can wear really long t shirts and a few dresses and tunics that aren't maternity but for sure hanging out in mostly maternity yoga pants and maternity tanks.

Sleep? Sleeping well!

Movement? Feeling the baby more and more, especially at night. I am loving every moment. 

Cravings? I had a strawberry lemonade that tasted AMAZING

Gender? Boys

Belly Button In or Out? out 

Symptoms: Heartburn totally controlled with pantoprazole (miracle drug) Still averted to foods, sciatica 

Best moment of the week? Having Luke feel them move for the first time.

What I am looking forward to: Naming these boys.

19 weeks pregnant with our boys!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Well, oops I am 19 weeks today and I slacked getting my 18 week shot, so here were my 18 week shots with my other two pregnancies... (Jack Henry and Hadley on the left, Walker on the right)
This week has been good. I am still taking 2 diclegis (anti Nausea) at night and my appetite/stomach in the general is still not right/upset but it is way more manageable than it was in the beginning and I know double the hormones can make it that much harder on my body, so thats okay! We were so thankful to have a very healthy anatomy scan with the doctor this week and confirmed 2 boys and most importantly found out they look just perfect. Thank you Lord for healthy babies!!! I also felt them move at 18 weeks (the sweetest little taps) not happening all the time, but every so often I will feel a little something!
I was taking OTC heartburn meds that weren't cutting it, so I am now on pantoprazole and it is making such a difference! Very thankful! Super burning chest at night on top of the nausea was no fun. Still having pretty bad sciatica as I have with all my pregnancies, but working on that too! This week we just praise that they are looking so healthy. We are having a hard time with names.... coming up with ones that we both love but I am hoping we nail some down soon. 
Here I am at 19 weeks with these precious boys...

Maternity Clothes? Yes, and am trying to get use of all my normal cloths I can fit in while I can too.

Sleep? Sleeping good.

Movement? I am feeling movement! No hard kicks yet but tiny taps that started mid week 18.

Cravings? Still not loving food.

Gender? Boys :)

Belly Button In or Out? Flat/out

What I miss: Nothing this week. Just focusing on the blessing that I get to partake in!

Symptoms: Sciatica, heartburn (controlled pretty nicely with meds) nausea 

Best moment of the week? Feeling the babies and having a healthy anatomy scan!

What I am looking forward to: Naming these boys! 

First Trimester in review for my twin boys

Sunday, September 10, 2017

This was NOT an easy first trimester! I was SO blessed to have no morning sickness with Jack Henry and Hadley and just a few queasy weeks with Walker. This pregnancy has by far been the hardest. Maybe because I am 30 now instead of 24 like I was with my first twins or maybe its just the pregnancy, but here were my symptoms that started at 6 weeks zero days.

Extreme nausea NON STOP. The no break was what was tough and I am 18 weeks writing this now, and I am still on my nausea medication (dicelgis) I tried to come off it 10 days ago and my nausea came back with a vengeance. 

Vomiting. I am so thankful this was only an every other day occurrence usually just once a day ( usually at night) No fun at all.

Exhaustion. Exhaustion like I never have known. I was SOOOOOO tired with my first twins, and very tired with Walker too but making two babies and two placentas is not an easy job. Very tried and this time I had three little sweeties to take care of which made it more challenging. My medication for my nausea is a combination of vitamin b6 and unison (sleeping pill) so this made the exhaustion even harder. I had to nap while Walker napped every single day. 

I am still having food aversions (food just doesn't sound good at all) but filling up with carbs is the only thing that will settle my stomach. Its a terrible problem to have, having to eat junk and not even enjoy it lol

I love pregnancy so so so much and I still do but this one is making this most likely my last pregnancy a little easier to come to grips with :)

Here are some growing belly shots in the first trimester...

17 weeks with our boys

Friday, September 8, 2017

Well we have prayed for years for a baby girl and God had a different plan and gave us not one, but two boys! I would be lying to say I wasn't a little bummed. Hadley has been praying for a girl every night since she was 2 so its hard to understand why God didn't give us the desire of our hearts but we know his ways are so much greater! My sweet girl's lower lip quivered and tears flowed as she learned she would be the only girl. We will have a couple days of mourning no more bows and princess stuff but we are looking at the bright side and trust His perfect plan! 
Hadley will be SO SPECIAL and truly, how could I have a more precious and perfect little girl? 
Many families only have boys and desire a girl so badly, I am so blessed to experience both!
Hadley and I will be the queens of the house :)
I can't wait for 4 beautiful daughters to marry into our family!
We get the awesome and NEEDED challenge of bringing Godly men into this world, we need more of them!
Two precious boys that we can dress alike :)
4 wonderful men that will love their momma and protect their sister.
One wedding :)
We know God has the perfect design for our family and we praise Him for his good and perfect gifts. 

17 weeks with Jack Henry and Hadley

                                  17 (not 18) weeks with Walker

Maternity Clothes? I can still wear some regular tops but definitely most comfortable in maternity cloths.  

Sleep? Starting to be a little uncomfortable at times.

Movement? I think I MIGHT have felt a few flutters, but no DEFINITE movement.  

Cravings? Nothing specific really, food is less appealing this week than it was last week. 

Gender? Boys!

Belly Button In or Out? its now "flat" about to pop out 

Weight Gain: +10 lbs so far

Symptoms: HEARTBURN and still struggling nausea

Favorite Moment: Finding out what these two sweet ones were.

16 Weeks with babies number 4 & 5

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Well, I was waiting until today to post the gender reveal because today I had my ultrasound at a local ultrasound center this afternoon. I was supposed to find out yesterday but they had to move my appointment to the next day because of a family emergency with the technician so I was SO EXCITED to find out today! We had already found out one of the genders a couple of weeks ago at my doctors appointment and today was the day to find out the other baby! Unfortunately, they looked for 15 minutes but couldn't get that shot they needed, so we got to see that sweet little baby move a lot but we couldn't see between the legs where we needed. So, they rescheduled me for next Friday, so Lord willing, I will hopefully know both genders next week. I had been feeling better and only had 4 nausea pills left so I decided to stop taking them and see how I did but the next night I threw up again, so trying to figure out what to do there. I heard its a hard couple days being off the meds but then things get better. Excited to start feeling the babies soon :)

(left, pregnant with Jack Henry and Hadley and to the right, Walker)
Total weight gain: +8
Sleep: Sleeping great
Best moment this week: Confirming the one gender we already know and seeing two healthy babies on the ultrasound. 
Movement: None yet
Food cravings: Nothing specific but starting to be able to eat veggies again! 
Symptoms: Sciatic pinching , still a little nauseas. 
Wedding rings on or off?

Looking forward to:Finding out the other gender, Lord willing, next Friday. 

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