Capturing Personality....

Monday, March 2, 2015

Trust me, it is hard to get a "good" picture of two, two year olds at the same time but when I go through my camera and look at some of the funny and sweet shots, I am thankful that while I can't frame some of these, I can capture their personalities perfectly :) Here are my two sweeties during our little shoot... 

The twins are two and a half!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I know everyone says it, but it is true, where does the time go? I feel like I JUST brought these little ones home from the hospital and now here we are at two and a half. I feel like SO MUCH change has happened in these last 6 months since turning 2. The biggest change has been their vocab. They can FULL ON talk now. They were saying lots of words at 2, but now they can ask questions, make statements and can pretty much say just about anything. They are learning SO much everyday and have really enjoyed the last 6 months of being in preschool. They love their friends and all the fun activities they get to participate in. Potty training and transitioning out of their cribs into individual rooms are the next big transitions we are about to tackle. Jack Henry and Hadley are certainly best friends. They of course have their moments, but more times than not, they are always talking with each other, laughing together and playing together. Hadley is so kind to brother and it seems she is becoming the less dominate twin now. I think that kind of started since school has started. Jack Henry has a harder time sharing with sister, but his heart is so big for her in so many ways. There are certainly challenges that come with age 2 and I feel like we are constantly training and correcting but for the most part, they are so very good. We can go just about anywhere without a stroller and they practice enough self control to follow mommy or daddy in a store and obey so well. The pictures below are from the park yesterday and they were pretty sweaty and dirty, but hey, thats reality when you are two and a half! 

Jack Henry. You are incredibly sweet and incredibly adorable!! You are very chatty and social, and this has come out more and more since starting school. You love your group of little boy friends at school and you can be pretty wild with them which we are always working on practicing self control and obedience but your social side really loves to come out (like momma.) You are a great eater, definitely the better of the two. Your favorite color is blue and you love Thomas, Frozen (especially Olaf) cars, trains, Mickey Mouse and all things boy! You love when fun music comes on and you still love to dance. You sing so many songs, your favorites being Jesus loves me, itsy bitsy spider and ABC's. You still are a great sleeper just like your sister. You love to go down slides and have become less and less timid. You are not shy and while you have a harder time obeying and understanding, you have been really making great progress and are still a fabulously well behaved boy for the most part, especially when I see other boys your age, I am totally impressed. You are daddy's boy but want momma when you are hurt or sad or scared. You always feel lots of shame when you are in trouble which is precious. You do not like spankings and will usually always pick the right choice when a spanking is part of the option. You love picking out the "bad guys" in anything we watch on TV. You have such a kind heart and are so joyful. You are more emotional than sister and more outgoing than her too. You mostly call yourself "brother" but also call yourself "jackery" at times. You call Hadley "hat-ley" and love to say " come on Hat-ley"  You are so special and joy filled and we pray and know God will use you for his kingdom. I love you my sweet boy!

Sweet Hadley girl, you are precious. You are very obedient and a rule follower. You are shy at times, and we are working on looking adults in the eyes even when you don't want to. You love all things girly! Anything pink and purple and sparkly! You love Minnie, Frozen and are starting to get into Disney princesses. You love preschool and you are so very smart! You love to read books and can't stand it when there is not a bow in your hair (good girl) You are a great sleeper and have a great appetite but are pickier than your brother. You respond very well to discipline and we don't have to discipline you often! You share very well and are usually very sweet to your brother. You are such a little momma, loving baby dolls and I think you are going to have so much fun with baby Walker! Your teacher Miss Beverly says you are ready to start potty training so I think we are starting with you first! You are a mommy's girl all the way around but of course love your daddy too! You can be a little sassy at times but do well when we correct you. You are my sweet sweet girl and I love that you are going to have two brothers to love and protect you. You are special and you are God's girl. I always say "you are beautiful" and then you say "like a beautiful princess" and when I ask you who made you beautiful, you respond with "God made me beautiful" It is so precious and I pray you will continue to develop a heart for Him.

29 weeks with baby #3...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

This week was wonderful. We spent Sunday-Thursday at Possum Kingdom Lake (haha, yes, only in Texas would you have a name like that) just the four of us getting in such wonderful time together as a family of four. I have lots of pictures and lots to say about our trip which I will post in the next day or so. But for now, here is week 29...

Maternity Clothes? Lots of my maternity cloths are starting to get too small.

Stretch Marks? I don't think Im getting any new ones.  

Sleep? Still sleeping well! 

Movement? Lots :) And Love every little move!

Cravings? Still nothing specific. 

Gender? Boy :)

Belly Button In or Out? Out!

Symptoms: I missed my chiropractic appointment and I PAID for it with really bad pinching sciatica. Getting waves of uncomfortable moments but still sleeping well. 

Best moment of the week? Spending quality time with family.

What I am looking forward to: Our 31 week appointment, a week from tomorrow! 

Third trimester is here! 28 weeks

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

This has been a wonderful and smooth pregnancy, praise God! This second trimester has been so pleasant and great. I'm definitely feeling very pregnant this trimester but still not to the uncomfortable point. For a few weeks now I can really see Walker move a lot from the outside which is just amazing. I'm still sleeping well and overall feel really good. I passed my glucose test, thankfully!! I can't imagine not having carbs or sugar while pregnant. Eeeeek. We still haven't seen Walker's face as every time we go in for an ultrasound he is facing my back which has really peaked my curiosity. Will he be another spitting image of Luke, like Jack Henry? I can't wait to find out! We also found out he is a BIG boy! At my my 28 week appointment we learned sweet boy's head is measuring 32 weeks (all my babies have HUGE heads and so do their cousins, its the Davidson way:)) and his femur (thigh bone) is measuring 39 weeks!!!!! Like, one week from full term! I'm guessing he will grow into all of that or he will be a giant babe! I love learning details about him and it makes me feel more attached and more excited! I still feel like I am showing much more than the average 28 weeker and have to explain to people I still have 3 months to go. This pregnancy has been such a joy. I have an app that stated this trimester will be the last one I have with my baby inside me and it made me sad. As much as I can't wait to meet him, I have so enjoyed carrying him. I am so thankful that Jesus has just been so gracious to us. We are headed to a lake house in west Texas next week which we are so excited for! When we return the twins will be staying in their new rooms! Jack Henry's mattresses and bedding will arrive late this week and while their rooms have a bit to go, they will be ready enough to stay in and then I can start working on the nursery. Exciting times ahead and just soaking in each moment of being a family of four and carrying this precious boy. 

Maternity Clothes? ALL

Stretch Marks? Still nothing new?

Sleep? Still sleeping great!

Movement? Moving TONS. I can see him move on the outside really well. 

Cravings? Still no cravings really.

Gender? Boy 

Belly Button In or Out? Outty

Symptoms: Heart burn is back, sciatica occasionally flares but not as bad as it has been. Getting out of breath and just worn out when on my feet too long.

Best moment of the week? Passing my glucose test! 

What I am looking forward to: Next week we are getting away together for a family babymoon :) 

27 weeks with Walker...

Thursday, February 12, 2015

I am feeling really good this last week of my 2nd trimester. I can really notice a difference in my belly with the twins this week versus just carrying one this time. It has started to slow down compared to the twins, which was starting to get pretty intense around this time. Don't get me wrong, my belly seems MUCH bigger than most people carrying one baby at 27 weeks, but I wouldn't change it for anything. I think some people just show more. 

Maternity Clothes? All Maternity and some of it is getting too short for my big belly! 

Stretch Marks? Still none! WHoo hoo!

Sleep? Still good!

Movement? Moving TONS and kicking hard! 

Cravings? About to eat at a steakhouse for Valentines Day and potatoes are calling my name!

Gender? Boy 

Belly Button In or Out? Out!

Symptoms: Light heartburn and some leg cramps, starting to get winded a little bit walking. 

Best moment of the week? It will be tomorrow when we get to see him on ultrasound. Maybe we can see him finally. He has been facing my back every time and we have had no 4D ultrasound yet! 

What I am looking forward to: Tomorrow's appointment. (1 hr glucose screening I am not looking forward too) Tomorrow starts the 3rd trimester! 

Sneak Peak of Hadley's new room...

Thursday, February 5, 2015

It is such a bittersweet choice to move the twins into their very own rooms but with baby Walker on the way, we felt it was a great time to go ahead and make the move! I am so excited to give Hadley a girly room and to give my sweet baby bear a nice big boy room, a room he will eventually share with Walker. Hadley's room has been our first project. We wallpapered the wall behind her bed in a super funky print, bought her a new bed (we already had the queen mattress for it, which will be nice for guests to still be able to use when they visit) a new quilt and sheets. I got the bed on craigslist and it needed no additional work! I bought her a side table that I am getting ready to paint white and I'm on the look for a dresser on craigslist that I can paint hot pink and then we still need the lots of fun girly pillows, a new ceiling fan, curtains and some accessories. I just wanted to get the wall and bed complete so that she could move into it as soon as we get Jack Henry's room through stage one, which we are working on right now, and then I can move them in and start working on the nursery. So may fun projects but lots to do before he comes in May. 

It was so sweet. We called Hadley into her new room to take a first peak at it. She was SO excited. She smiled and just rolled around the bed and giggled. Brother then joined in the fun and I think it has been great for us to have a few weeks of working on rooms to get them used to the idea. Jack Henry is very excited to have cars and trucks in his new room! I got great video of them exploring her new space and snapped a couple of pics. It was a moment I will always remember and cherish!  

26 Weeks with baby #3...

I will be 27 weeks tomorrow and we have a name!!!!! 

Many people have asked me if I am using another double name and he will just go by Walker. We are excited to pass on daddy's name for his middle too :) Usually that goes to the first born boy but we had special circumstances with Uncle Matt, and I know Jack Henry will be so happy to have daddy's brother's middle name :) 

Maternity Clothes? YES. As you can see, this maternity sweater is already getting short! 

Stretch Marks? Still nothing new. 

Sleep? Still sleeping great! 

Movement? Moving TONS and kicking so hard, which I absolutely love. 

Cravings? We had outback today for lunch and that just tasted SO good!

Gender? Boy 

Belly Button In or Out? WIth the twins it stayed flat the whole time, but with Walker it seems to be popping OUT. 

Symptoms: Symptoms have really faded this week, just overall hip pain. 

Best moment of the week? Officially deciding on a name. We had decided on Walker a while ago but were just working on the middle name. 

What I am looking forward to: Next ultrasound and doctors appointment... a week from tomorrow. 

25 Weeks with baby #3...

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Maternity Clothes? All maternity at this point

Stretch Marks? Still no new ones

Sleep? Still sleeping great.

Movement? Moving TONS! 

Cravings? Hot Chocolate

Gender? Boy

Belly Button In or Out? Out

Symptoms: Belly getting big, mild heartburn and sciatica 

Best moment of the week? Starting to feel body parts thru my belly! I'm still not sure of what I am feeling but love when he pops out.

What I am looking forward to: Next countdown is our next ultrasound... February 13th

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