36 Weeks with baby Walker...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

I can't believe the time is almost here! I will be "full term" tomorrow at 37 weeks and I have my 37 week appointment tomorrow as well, which I will do an update with that tomorrow :) Everything is still going great! 36 weeks with the twins is when it got EXTREMELY difficult physically, you can read about that here. It has been MUCH easier. with just moments of discomfort here and there. I'm pretty much taking heart burn meds every other day and if I don't, I have very bad acid reflux. Im pretty comfortable physically, and am still sleeping well. Carrying twins first really puts things into perspective! My belly is still HUGE and I feel it is bigger than most momma's carrying one, again, I think its post twins. I am pretty much only wearing dresses now, all my maternity pants cut into me and my maternity tops and getting snug. I have felt some movement down low and at times a bit of pressure so I am PRAYING that he is descending down into my pelvis. I have braxton-hicks here and there but definitely not in labor yet. I will have another growth scan tomorrow and a cervical check next Friday. I am loving each moment of this pregnancy and am almost all finished with Walker's nursery. I will be blogging on that soon :) Today I had a massage which was wonderful, as my back is tight each morning when I wake up and tomorrow is my bi-weekly chiropractor appointment which has totally been a life saver this pregnancy (my sciatica has been gone for weeks now) and it certainly was a life saver with the twins. We are 21 days away today and so thankful to the giver of ALL good things! 

35 Weeks (36 week doctor update) with baby Walker...

Friday, April 10, 2015

I am 36 weeks today! This week was spent with our precious family in town. Our sister in law and her three babies were in town for their spring break and we had SO much fun hanging out with them, doing fun things and making memories! I will post some pictures from our week on a separate post soon. Being so busy this week I was a day late on posting my chalkboard pic, which technically make me 36 weeks in the pic, but we are just pretending its still 35! I had my 36 week check up and had Walker's first growth scan. Here were the results...

Femur (measured WAY ahead a few weeks ago) is measuring right on track at 36 weeks.
Abdomen is measuring 38 weeks (2 weeks ahead)
Head... drum roll please..... 40 weeks. Womp, Womp. I REALLY want a vaginal birth this time around but this sweet boy looks to have another big Davidson head.

So putting all of those measurements together, the doctor says 7lbs 6 oz right now but he is probably smaller than that since his head is throwing off the formula. There is no bad news here, he is perfectly healthy and wonderful but this might make it hard for me to have a VBAC if his head continues to grow. 

He said as long as his head is dropping into my pelvis, then we are okay but if his head keeps growing as we get closer to the the due date, then we might have to have C-section. But right now I am continuing to pray for my body to allow a VBAC and if I have to have another C-section, well, what can I do right?

Cant believe we have 4 weeks or less! So thankful and excited!! 

Baby Walker's Maternity Pictures...

Friday, April 3, 2015

Ya'll I CAN'T tell you enough how amazing my precious photographer friend, Elisa (of Elisa Michelene Photograpy) is. Seriously. She is incredibly talented not to mention completely beautiful and sweet. I could spend hours on her blog looking at all her gorgeous work. She leads worship at our church with her incredible voice and her heart for the Lord it's absolutely stunning. As you can see, I could go on and on about her but you should go over to her Facebook page Here, like it and visit her gorgeous website off of there. If you live in the DFW area do your self a favor and hire her. She will give you the most beautiful pictures you can dream of. 

Below are some of my favorites (way too many.) What I love most about the pictures is it just captured this sweet sweet season of life that we are in right now. God has been so very good to us. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and marriage and our hearts just turn to mush just thinking about our precious twins. SUCH gifts that my heart still can't comprehend. With baby Walker on the way, our cup just runs over. All glory to our precious Jesus who is just so very good. 

34 Weeks with baby Walker...

Thursday, April 2, 2015

I will be 35 weeks tomorrow and can't believe we are just 3-5 weeks away!!! It is starting to feel closer and we are getting so EXCITED!!! I have the nursery just about finished, just finishing up details and it seems as if Jack Henry and Hadley are getting more and more excited and prepared for baby brother too :) I go back to the doctor in one week and will start getting growth scans at that time but the books say he is at least 5 lbs at 34 weeks. After next week I will go back weekly until his arrival and will start getting cervical checks at 38 weeks and we are still attempting a VBAC. Won't be long until we add this precious miracle to our family. I can also notice a HUGE difference in my belly with the twins vs baby Walker this week.

I figured I am pretty much done with my "weekly" little fact sheet, as not much is changing.
Here are a few updates.. I have gained almost 30 lbs so far and hope to not gain more then 10 more in the next 5 weeks, but if this pregnancy is anything like the twins, water weight will be coming soon :) With the twins I think I had gained around 50 by now, and 79 total! WOAH!  I noticed my rings were ever so snug on my finger so last week, I went ahead and moved them onto a necklace so I wouldn't forget before swelling set in. I am sleeping good but its starting to get a bit uncomfortable and a little harder to sleep, I started sleeping with the Snoogle pregnancy pillow this week and that has helped. My belly is beginning to feel heavy and its getting harder to move around but nothing outrageous yet. I also noticed just today my energy levels are getting pretty pitiful. I am LOVING every minute of this pregnancy and want to soak it all in because I know these next 5 weeks will fly by. 

Also, so excited that Easter is this weekend! We are having an awesome baptism weekend at church this weekend so my sweet Luke has been working very hard this week getting ready for this awesome weekend. We can't wait to see what God will do! If you aren't currently involved in a church, I would encourage you to check out your local believing church for Easter weekend. It is a great time to go and learn about news that is SO VERY GOOD. He loves us so much ya'll. Jesus died for us and lives again so that we may have life with Him forever. It doesn't get any better than that. The relationship I have with Christ is unlike anything I can begin to describe to you, so use this weekend to see what its all about. Much love blog readers and Happy Easter! 

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