16 Weeks with baby number 3...

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Total weight gain: +6
Stretch marks? none yet!
Sleep: Sleeping great
Best moment this week: Finding out our precious baby is a boy!
Movement: None yet
Food cravings: Nothing specific but starting to be able to eat veggies again! 
Symptoms: Sciatic pinching 
Wedding rings on or off?

Looking forward to: Thanksgiving with parents who haven't seen me since I have been pregnant. 

Catching up: Our 6th Anniversary Getaway (June 2014)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

WOW! What can I say, I am super behind on blogging and tend to get caught up from these last 5 months over the next week or so! 
These pics aren't that exciting, but it is just to help me document memories :) We celebrated 6 years on an overnight in a beautiful lake house. We are SO embarrassed to say that we had NEVER spent the night away together apart from the babies. This was my first night away from them, Luke has been on several trips away, but together, this was a first. We plan on being much better about this, and the reason is not because "we just can't leave them", that is very far from the truth. We of course miss them when we are away from them, but our marriage is our number one priority and we love being together alone. The hard part is, when you don't live close to family, leaving your children over night with someone else is a lot to ask. Our precious friends Mindy and Markus kept them overnight and they had a blast. They didn't miss us a bit because they were having so much fun! We spent just one night away in Grandbury which is just an hour or so outside of DFW. The town was quaint and we had a lovely time together. We had great food, got a pedi together, and spent long hours on the dock just having deep conversation and enjoying each other. God has done so many good things in our lives the last 6 years.

15 weeks with baby #3...

Monday, November 17, 2014

Total weight gain: +5 still
Stretch marks? No new ones yet! 
Sleep: Sleeping great, still sleeping some on my back but I don't feel like I am big enough yet to put on bad pressure yet.   
Best moment this week: Starting to feel better/more normal. ALMOST wanting a salad.
Movement: None yet, I don't think. I think I might be feeling things but then always convince myself its just by stomach.
Food cravings: Food is still not super craveable at this point yet. 
Symptoms: Getting sciatic pinches on one side and still pretty tired/sleepy. 
Wedding rings on or off?

Looking forward to: Gender ultrasound, this thursday the 2oth! We will be finding out with my community group at a little gender reveal night but will be keeping it secret on here until next week when we tell my parents in person :)

14 Weeks with baby #3...

Friday, November 7, 2014

Total weight gain: 5 lbs
Maternity clothes? Yes. Full on everything maternity at this point. I began wearing a band since  8 weeks and now the attractive full panel pants :) 
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Sleeping hard.
Best moment this week: Still just enjoying my ever growing belly

Movement: None yet, at least I don't think. Sometimes I feel like I might have felt it, but pretty sure its just my tummy rumbling. 
Food cravings: eh, not really. Not wanting many sweets like my usually self. Mashed potatoes have tasted pretty good to me. 
Symptoms: Might have to start going to the chiropractor a little more often, I get little sciatic pinches here and there. Still not eating normally, but getting better each day!
Wedding rings on or off?
 on, and still a little wiggly 

Looking forward to: Gender ultrasound, November 20th, less than two weeks!

14 weeks pregnant with the twins

My bump so far

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

They say you show more your second time around, and I think since I was stretched to maximum capacity with the twins, my body knew JUST what to do. That, and the muscle separation I still have allows nothing to be held back, which is why I started wearing my maternity band at 8 weeks this time around. I don't think I had to wear my band until 10 weeks with the twins. I think its so fun to show and sport the baby bump so I wasn't sad when it decided to show up so early. Here is my growing belly so far..  

8 Weeks

9 Weeks

10 Weeks 

11 Weeks 

First Trimester almost finished!

Monday, November 3, 2014

So I have read that the second trimester starts on day one of week 13 but then I have also read it ends with week 13. Regardless, I am 13 weeks and 3 days so I am either out of it or almost out of it :) 

I am INCREDIBLY lucky to be one of the few that has dodged morning sickness. With the twins I had food aversions, but no nausea. This pregnancy has been a little "worse" on that front. I was TOTALLY fine in the beginning. If ya'll remember I did a 7 day clean eating challenge that I had announced I was doing on Instagram for accountability the DAY before I found out I was pregnant. It was too late to back out and I couldn't say why! But I did fine with it! It wasn't until eight and a half weeks that the yucky tummy kicked in. And it lasted pretty hard core until 11 weeks. I call it yucky because it wasn't bad enough to be nausea. When I am sick with a stomach bug and have nausea, I literally can't function, I have to lay down and let the misery pass. This was NOT that bad. It was totally manageable and it was easy to push through my days and function but it was bad enough to just make me feel pretty puny. I wanted to eat, and actually I am always VERY hungry but everything sounded REPULSIVE. I choked a lot of food down, and starchy, carby, non-nutrient foods were the only foods I wanted, which was hard for this lover of health and wellness. I'm still not back to normal but its definitely getting better. 
With the twins, if I didn't eat enough, I would get really gaggy, but then I was relieved immediately once I ate, and I haven't had that issue this time around. 
Another weird thing, I am a lover of sweets and the dreaded evil sugar, but I have only been wanting savory things this pregnancy. 
I have also been very tired. Like, I take a nap almost every day when the babies do. It is an exhaustion very similar to carrying the twins. I still am very tired and haven't gotten my energy back, but again, it is better.
Also, a funny thing, during my 2.5 week period of feeling super yuck, we ate out like, every, single meal. During that time I did no cooking and let a few produce items go bad in our fridge. When I opened the fridge, I smelled rotten celery and to this day, I get wiffs of it or tastes of it in certain foods. Like chic-fil-a BBQ sauce tastes like straight up rotten celery to me. I know thats crazy and I'm wondering if its some weird additive or yucky preservative that is coming out like that? Anyhow, food just doesn't taste that good lately, so I am very ready to be normal on that front again.
I used this time to do lots of praying for this sweet baby and I am reminded of how lucky I am to feel these things as it is a reminder I am carrying life, even when it is hard. I have two very dear friends who are pregnant with me that had SERIOUS nausea and vommiting and my heart breaks for them. I truly think I am too big of a nausea WUSS to endure. I seriously HATE it ya'll. I try not to complain but remember that this is great joy because there are plenty of women who would LOVE to go through the yucks of pregnancy to be carrying life. I am blessed and over all, it has been very smooth.   

Halloween 2014

This was SUCH a fun Halloween! What a difference a year makes, you can see our little gnomes last year here. They couldn't walk, and only could "sign" please for candy to the 10 or so homes that we trick or treated to in our cul de sac. This year we have really been enjoying the season. Every time we drove in the car, we would spot out pumpkins and spiders and fun decorations. There were two spiders in our neighborhood that we purposefully went out of our way to drive by each time coming or leaving our home, the "bis spider" and the "spider in the tree with the kitty who was gonna get him!" They also loved talking about "sister be Minnie and brother be Micky" weeks up to Halloween. I'm not sure they even knew what that meant until we dressed them up for our church's fall carnival. They LOVED being in character and did perfectly keeping on their ears, although we had to tape Jack Henry's on, on Halloween. We trick or treated all around our neighborhood, almost 2 hours worth. They loved every minute but were pooped by the end of the night. They did so good saying trick or treat and thank you to each house and even said "happy halloween." Life is such so much more fun and exciting when your get to live it through the eyes of your children. Jack Henry carries his candy filled "paaaawn-kin" around everywhere, even to the car but likes to keep his candy in his pumpkin :) Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween 2014. Now that Halloween is over, I start incorporating Christmas music into my playlists :) We are definitely anticipating Christmas through their eyes this year! 

Only took some blurry iPhone pics this year...

13 weeks with baby #3...

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hey friends! I wasn't sure how I would capture my weekly bump growth this time around. I felt like the chalkboard thing is kind of done, and tried to think of other fun ways to share this but at the end of the day, so many of you found my blog because of the chalkboard and it just seemed only right to do it all again. I'm thinking this time around the chalkboards might not be as elaborate as I am a momma of two 2 year olds now, but I want this baby to know that they were as special and loved by me as the twins, and deserved a chalkboard of their very own :)
I am excited to say I am 13 weeks along now, which I feel like should be the 2nd trimester but I think it is actually once you have completed 13 weeks that you get to move on to the 2nd. I will do a first trimester in review post very soon but lets just say it has been relatively very smooth, but I am still really ready to go ahead and get out of the first and onto that more pleasant 2nd :) 
I am SHOWING ya'll! Like, earlier than I did with the twins. But they always say you show quicker your second, and lets face it, ya'll watched me grow last pregnancy, so my bump knew how to pop right out with out any hesitation.
Nothing really to report this week, just enjoying each and every minute carrying this sweet babe. 

And I thought it would be fun to compare my pregnancies each week too... 

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