30 weeks with Brooks and Ellis...

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

So I slacked during thanksgiving week, and even though I got a pic, I didn't make a chalkboard... Im sorry sweet boys, I love you no less but I am super pregnant and have three other little ones. But yay for having a THREE in front of my weeks!!! Only 8 weeks to go!! We had another successful appointment last week at 29 weeks. I was measuring 40 weeks for a singleton so the next two months are going to be "over time" as far as belly growth. I am for sure entering into the uncomfortable stage but I am hanging in there. Sleep is getting a bit harder but it is still intact. We scheduled our C-section for 1/29/18, I will be 38+1. Our doctor really wants me to get to 38 if possible. Having two white boys (they fare the worst when born early) he said its best to get to 38. I was induced at 37+4 with Jack Henry and Hadley and the main reason was my blood pressure and fluid overload was starting to creep. My doctor told me thats most commonly seen in first time pregnancies so we are just going to pray we can all make it til then. Its nice to have a light at the end of the tunnel. 

30 weeks with Walker

30 weeks with Jack Henry and Hadley

Maternity Clothes? Getting harder to wear maternity cloths, getting small!

Sleep? Still okay but getting harder 

Movement? Lots :) And Love every little move!

Symptoms: Painful and itchy belly, hard to get comfortable lying down, evenings are the hardest.

Best moment of the week? Another healthy check up and progress on the nursery. 

What I am looking forward to: Next appointment 12/15 and finishing up the nursery. 

28 weeks with Brooks and Ellis

Friday, November 24, 2017

Yay for being in my third trimester! And I only have 10 weeks TOPS! Probably more like 9? The last few weeks I have been eased from nausea and the growing belly is getting a little intense. Nothing CRAZY but for sure picking up in intensity. Its getting harder for me to find a "comfortable" position and sleep is not UNBEARABLE but its getting a little more challenging. I passed my glucose test and babies are looking perfect. Heads are measuring Davidson style... one month ahead (Good thing I'm having another C-section lol) 
I get pretty out of breath pretty easily and am trying to stay off my feet for long periods of time as I want these babies to grow INSIDE of me as long as possible. 
We had a great thanksgiving with my in laws and Next Friday I will have another OB appointment and will choose their birthday! Tomorrow is my last day of week 28 and as excited as I am to meet them and not be so uncomfortable, It kind of hit me that this is the last trimester of what is more than likely my last pregnancy. I love love love the gift of carrying my babies and I will surely miss it, even though over the next 10 weeks I will probably be crying for mercy lol
I also was too whooped to make a chalkboard but hey, at least I got a pic right? Brooks and Ellis, 70 days MAX til I will be holding, loving, cuddling and kissing you! I can't wait!

Pregnant with Jack Henry and Hadley (left), With Walker (right)

Sleep? Starting to become uncomfortable. 

Movement? Moving TONS. I can see them move on the outside really well. 

Symptoms: Sciatica flared up again but went to the chiropractor and already a bit better. Getting out of breath and just worn out when on my feet too long.

Best moment of the week? Passing my glucose test! 

What I am looking forward to: Scheduling the C-section and working on the nursery. 

Walker's School Pictures 2017

Monday, November 20, 2017

These pictures stole my heart! Loved how they captured this sweet boy!! I wanted to buy Jack Henry and Hadley's packages too but it would have been crazy expensive to buy all three kids so we went with Walker's package since all of the siblings together were included in his. This was the only year they all three will be in preschool together and it captures the end of the season of "just the three of them." I love my babies so so much and am so thankful to Jesus for being SO good to us with these three...

A baby shower for Brooks and Ellis

Saturday, November 18, 2017

I am so unbelievably thankful for all the amazing women in my life who showered me and our boys today! This is my third pregnancy and fourth and fifth baby, but wow, my friends are so incredible with making each baby feel so so celebrated and it is such a blessing to our family! 

7 of my closest friends threw me a beautiful woodland themed baby shower at church and it was absolutely beautiful! Jesus is SO GRACIOUS to me, for blessing me with these amazing women who love Him and love me so well.

Having the boys named and now with the shower, it is feeling more real! Getting so excited to get everything put away and ready for these baby boys!

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