Toxic Words...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

God is so gracious in sharing His word with me and speaking into my life and specific situations with scripture just when I need it most. 

Have you heard of She Reads Truth? It is an AWESOME site that gives you scripture reading plans and a short devotional to go with it each day. You can learn more about it with this short video Here. It is created especially for women and you can discuss what you are learning together. Very cool.

I came across the current reading plan called Soul Detox. I was intrigued and couldn't believe what God would reveal to me when I needed it most.

I have had some hurtful things being commented on this blog recently. I know by putting my life out there on the world wide web, I am subjecting my self to criticism but I didn't know quite how to handle my emotions when hearing these hurtful words. I have been praying the past several days and was SO thankful that God answered me through She Reads Truth.... 

"Even as you strive to stop saying toxic words to others, you will still have to deal with toxic words being said to you. As a result, you must do what God's Word tells us to do when others speak toxic words to us: you must guard your heart against them."

How will you guard your heart against toxic words?

I will pray for those who say harsh words to me, guard my heart and continue to strive to use this blog as a source of encouragement to my readers. God is so very good and JOYFUL life will be used to bring him glory no matter what :) 

Sweet smiles and a small update :)

In other news: God is GOOD! We spent some great time with family and friends in Louisville as my husband played for a men's ministry event at our home church, part of it being a tribute to his brother. Just beautiful. I am beginning to find strength and motivation to start the process of blogging about my beloved brother in law who we just are missing so very much.
Babies are WONDERFUL and I am SO excited that our 6 pack of Charlie Banana cloth diapers arrived in the mail yesterday! We can't use them yet as I am still waiting on some fuzzibunz diapers with all the gear (special detergent and bags etc) but I just cant wait to try them out! They are SOOOO fluffy and very very soft, and unbelievably adorable. I just can't wait to diaper their cute little tushies in vibrant colored diapers! Much blogging to come on this subject! Okay, more soon my precious blog readers :) 

Bow Organizer Tutorial

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our little Hadley girl has acquired quite a bow collection. We started by putting her bows in baskets, but they had become so full and cluttered that we needed to come up with a new solution. If you have a little girl with lots and lots of bows, you should try this extremely easy to make bow solution....

What you will need...
1. A canvas (size of your choice, I used 16x20) I got a 2 pack at Hobby Lobby for 8 dollars.
2. Fabric of your choice. You will need enough to cover the canvas plus 2 inches on each side.
3. Batting fabric. Thin will be fine and you will need the same amount as your fabric.
4. Staple gun
5. Scissors
6. Ribbon of your choice. 
First lay your fabric pattern side down on a table, put the batting on top and then the canvas, face down, on top of the batting. Using your scissors, cut the fabric and batting so that you gave at least two inches larger than the size of your cavas.

Next, fold the long sides over and staple.

Followed by the short sides...

This is what it will look like... 

Now take your ribbon and run however many strands you need according to the size of your bows and staple to the back. My polkadot board I created for my four inch bows, so I stapled all four ribbons to set the size. On this chevron board below, I just taped the ribbon to the back since I am waiting on a shipment of 6 inch bows and will mix and match the bows on this board when they arrive. You can always tape and play with your arrangement, and then staple when you have decided on a more permanent choice. 

I then took a thicker ribbon and ran it along the top of the board, length wise, stapled the ends, and left some left over on the sides so i could use this to tie a bow on the top to hang. 

 Then I hung on the back of the nursery door...

 Have fun! It makes it SO much easier to find the bow you are looking for and it gives you a nice way to see your options.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

I am completely overwhelmed with joy over these two. I find my self thanking Jesus by the minute this week. What blessing my babies are to me. God is GOOD!

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