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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This weekend was jammed pack of so many fun things! We were blessed to keep Kate for the weekend. Kate is one of three Sitlinger Family children who are now 14, 12, and 10 years old! They are like family to me as I started babysitting for their family when the oldest was 3 and the youngest, Kate, was not even born! Kate's older siblings and parents were attending the BELIEVE conference hosted by CIY this weekend in Northern Kentucky, so we got the pleasure of having Kate stay with us all weekend. 
We played lots of Kinect... 

Played a lot on the iPad...

We went to the Cincinnati Museum center and saw the omnimax: HUBBLE.

We also ate out a lot and flew kites (my SD card wasn't with me, so no pics)
We love Kate so much. She is such a sweet girl who loves the Lord and is a joy to be around.
This picture was taken on our wedding day. She was our flower girl :)
Then we went to my most precious littlest nephew's birthday Party. We went to celebrate Hayes turning 4 at Red Robin and then back to by brother and sister in laws house for presents and cake!

This pretty much sums up Hayes.


Happy birthday sweet Hayes

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  1. So sweet!!! You are such a good photographer, Kathleen. I love looking at your pictures!


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