6 weeks...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I feel like 6 weeks is such a milestone... it is truly the only time your baby is a "newborn." I remember a lot of mothers of twins telling me "just make it through the first 6 weeks" and to be honest, these sweet wonderful babies have made the first 6 weeks easy and joyful. This week (5th week) we started letting the babies sleep as long as they will through the night. I usually feed them at 10pm and then we put them down for the night, then one will usually wake up around 3ish, so we feed them (yes we feed them at the same time, ALWAYS... more on this later) and then put them down and then I wake them up at 7am to start our day's routine. It has been nice getting some more sleep now! We also had a big week as we made our first over night trip to Louisville with the babes. We celebrated Luke's dad's birthday and then the babies met their great grandmothers and a couple of aunts as well. We worshiped at Southeast which was wonderful and we were blessed watched our precious nephew Lane baptize his friend Chase. It was a wonderful weekend and we are just soaking up each and every moment! Here are some photos from our week..

More soon :)


  1. It must have been chilly in your house last week! I know everyone says this, but little JH is the spitting image of his daddy. It's insane. and precious. Your schedule for the babes is just amazing. I did really well with little Gabe when he was born but have been anxious about having twin newborns that might reject my efforts in scheduling. Thanks for the encouragement! You're a super mama. And you're still shrinking. Beautiful family!

  2. The schedule really is amazing....you are getting more sleep with two than I am with one! :-)
    Good for yall for braving the overnight trip too, that's great!
    They are so very beautiful.

  3. Wow, little Luke junior is filled with surprising Facial expressions. he looks like he can stare right through you. how cute!


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