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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Only 12 days until my babies are 9 months so I figured I'd better get this 8 month post finished! What a beautiful month this has been for our babes! It has been very fun because they are beginning to notice and interact with each other  Not a lot, but when they do, it is SO SWEET! Still sleeping 12 hours at night, still exclusively breast fed, still not eating lots of solids (really thats on my part) and still NOT mobile :) I'm soaking up their baby-ness as long as I can! We are thankful for two healthy 8 month olds who we are just SO IN LOVE with!

Hadley: You are my sweet sweet sweet sweet girl! It is unbelievable that since you have started sleeping through the night at 10 weeks, you have not EVER ONCE cried in the middle of the night and NOT EVER ONCE cried in the mornings. You just lay in your crib and play until momma comes to get you! Angel baby, you are! You are sitting up all by yourself REALLY well. You roll all around really well but still not crawling yet! You are beginning to "rock"back and forth while on your hands and bottum so I think it will be soon that you begin to crawl. You nurse 4x's a day with your last meal at 8pm and first meal between 8 and 9am. You take 2 naps that are between 1.5-2 hours long and then a short evening cat nap. You LOVE baby food! I have just been bad about giving it to you consistently, because you are totally content, the move has made it difficult to make you baby food, brother isn't a fan and it is a lot of work considering the circumstances above... mommy is sorry! New to you this month were green beans! You became very attached to me at times this month, so much so, I thought you were cutting a tooth, but no teeth yet! You love to explore EVERYTHING and it is so precious. You loved to be kissed and you giggle when you are kissed. You are babbling more this month but still not nearly as verbal as brother, but you are much more physically advanced than Jack Henry. You love watching Moo walk around and you are just my joy! 

Jack Henry: My happy, silly, squeaking, squealing dream boy! You are sitting up by yourself this month as well, although you still take lots of tumbles while doing so. You finally rolled from your back to your belly and are starting to maneuver around the floor, just rolling and exploring that new movement for you! You are our TALKER! You love to babble and are very good at it! Your favorite babble is DAH DAH DAH! It is so sweet! You don't associate it with Daddy yet, but I am sure you will soon! You are just like sister with your food schedule and while on the road moving to Dallas we stayed with family and friends and you were spoiled because you woke up once nightly and I fed you! But we broke you of that when we got settled in the apartment and now you have been sleeping through 12 hours again! Good boy! You love to nurse and are getting to be better at taking baby food! You LOVE to watch videos! We don't let you watch them often but in a pinch I bring up baby einstein or Praise baby on my phone to calm you down if you are fussy. You LOVE to watch and learn. You love to have little conversations and you are just precious to talk to! You are my babiest boy and I am in love with you!

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  1. "In this joyful life".....you & Luke are so obviously FULL OF JOY!!! What a precious momma you are....your babies are blessed to have you. Xoxo
    ~Lisa R


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