12 Months...

Sunday, September 1, 2013

This post is written 10 days short of 13 months, oops.

Jack Henry and Hadley,
I honestly can't believe I am sitting here writing your 12 month post. A year ago, I held you two for the first time, and my life would never be the same for every possible good reason. Daddy and I are so in love with you that we feel sad because we are so happy. I can't explain it any other way except that it is a love so intense, you just feel every emotion and you feel like your heart could just explode with love. It is SO amazing how you two have changed in 12 months. You were so fragile when you were first born and now you are crawling around, babbling and have the BIGGEST and SWEETEST personalities. I mourn every stage you leave but I rejoice for every stage you leave because it is so fun to watch you do new things. I am so thankful you are growing like healthy babies should but it does mean you are less and less of my tiny babies every day that passes. It is bittersweet.
I first find my identity in Christ, my relationship with Him makes me whole and complete. Then my sweet Jesus, as if His relationship with me is not amazing enough, blessed me with the three most precious gifts to me on this earth, your daddy and you two. I understand how much God loves me so much more now that I have you. You will never know how much I love you two, until you one day have a baby of your own. You are my joy and my world and I am so confident as my identity as your mommy. I know this is who God created me to be and I THANK Him. Thank you precious Jesus for Jack Henry and Hadley. My cup is overflows and my heart is far beyond full. Thank you Lord!

Jack Henry: You are finally crawling sweet boy! You started crawling the week before your birthday and you are non stop all over the place. It is so sweet to see you explore all around! You pull up on things, but just to your knees. You have four teeth, two top and two bottom. You are babbling, and saying just about every syllable combination possible, but no words with meaning just yet. You say momma and dada sometimes and we think you are saying it to us, be we aren't sure yet! You are so smily and joyful all the time! You have higher highs and lower lows than Hadley. When you are hungry or tired, you let us know for sure. Nothing has changed much with your sleeping, you are still my angel sleeping 12 hours at night and taking two naps about 2 hours each. We have your video monitors set up again for the first time since we left Cincinnati. You were 8 months the last time I watched you sleep on video and it is so fun to see you and your sister sleep in all sorts of positions. At 8 months you were strictly sleeping on your back. The biggest deal around here is we have begun the weaning process. A couple weeks before your birthday I added a few ounces of coconut milk to your diet after each time you breastfed. My supply was starting to drop so adding milk to supplement seemed to make sense and I think you were ready to make that transition. You are just about weaned as I am writing this (3 weeks after your birthday) but I am only catching this blog up UNTIL you turned one. You are such a joy and will forever be my little dreamy boy. 

Hadley: My sweet girl, how is it possible that you keep getting sweeter and more beautiful every single day? You are definitely my busy baby. You love to crawl around and explore, always. As nosy as you are, you are equally as sweet and gentle. You are mommy's girl but are breaking out of that. Sometimes I am all that will do, but you are starting to go to other people with out a fuss. You have four teeth also, two on top and two on the bottom and you like to show them off more than Jack Henry. Every time I pick you up, you laugh and smile and squeal. You melt my heart. Like brother, nothing has changed with your sleeping patterns, still 12 hours at night and 2 naps last 1.5-2 hours each. You babble more and more each day and are becoming quite the talker like brother but still, I would say you are the more physical, less verbal baby of the two. Your hair is coming in more and it has really lightened up since you were born. You are still breastfed 4 times a day but supplemented with coconut milk after each feed. We are beginning the weaning process with you, too. You loved being tossed high up into the air and you loved to be kissed! You are pulling up to your knees a lot and are an expert waver. You are so sweet my little girl, and I treasure you more than you will ever know.  


  1. Precious, precious babes! We are also weaning around here and I think we may be completely done in the next few days. My boy has 12 teeth though!!! Crazy how different they can be, yet so close in age. They are beautiful!

    1. Oh my goodness! That is amazing! I am so sorry I forgot to wish sweet Grey a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He is so presh. Jack Henry is done! He hasn't nursed in three days, and pushed away when I offer. Hadley is just nursing 1-2 times a day and isn't getting much! Is Grey's weaning going smoothly? 12 teeth! AMAZING! I feel like teeth have the biggest variance! That is amazing!

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