15 Month Check Up

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I can't believe that our babies are 15 months old! I am so sorry for the lack of posting lately. Life has been busy but what has held us back mostly... my camera is sick. Yes, first I didn't have my charger forever, and then once I found it, I think I took pictures once before I injured the camera. My SD card was jammed in there and I took it out a little too forcefully, and now we are left with a broken camera. I took it to the local camera shop to get it fixed, which they were unable to do, so now it needs to be shipped off to Nikon to be fixed which is going to be a couple hundred dollars. Bluh. A couple extra hundred dollars that we don't really have right now. Luke says he think he might be able to fix it (not counting on it :-p) So I either need to bight the bullet and do it or maybe rent one for a bit until we save up because not taking pics of them is KILLING me! They grow way too fast to not capture every moment. 
Thankfully, the iPhone has come to the rescue and I am not missing out on the day to day photos. So thankful for that technology! We have some cabinetry going to be built in our family room and landscaping starts later this week. We have been so busy with house projects but unfortunately, not one room is totally complete yet! I will post pics as soon as they are completed! 
So back to the Doctor's appointment. To sum it up, we have two very heathy babies! Here is the break down...
-Neither baby is walking yet. They are pulling up and cruising on everything and I was 16 months before I walked, so neither the doc nor I are worried but I am ready for them to walk. It's just time. My bestie's baby starting walking at 9 months! I can't imagine the babies already having 7 months of walking under their belt! It's so crazy how different every baby is! But twins are lots of times delayed because they entertain eachother so much, they don't have that drive to walk with independence, as a singleton would. I know they are progressing physically, so soon I am sure they will be walking and we will have a new world of busy :) I am so happy I have had the baby stage STRETCHED out with the limited mobility, but I am ready for them to hit that milestone. 
-Babies are talking lots!!! They said "ba" for ball, "ba-ba" for their milk, uh-oh, puppy, kitty, mommy, daddy, bye-bye, and their newest word, "lights" for Christmas lights! 
Weights and lengths...
-For the first time ever, Hadley is bigger than Jack Henry! While Jack Henry was laying down, crying at the doctor, I noticed two HUGE molars popping out of his gums, which might explain why he hasn't been eating as much lately? They also said he might get a good inch or so to his length once his legs start walking, but here are the stats on my teensy boy...
20 lbs 14oz (23rd percentile) and 29 1/4 inches (3rd percentile)
I can't say that Jack Henry being in the third percentile didn't bother me, because it did. Both my babies were well above the 50th for height and weight in their first 6 months, and it seems to be going down and down every since. All we have are tall people in family and I want him to be tall too! I know this doesn't mean he wont be tall, but I worry that he isn't growing like he should. The doctor was not concerned and said that he could be getting ready to go through a big spurt. So all I can do is feed this boy and pray he grows! 
And my growing healthy girl...
21lb 12oz (53rd percentile) and 30 inches (30th percentile). So happy she is trending UPward on the charts!
So that is that. We feel incredibly blessed to have two healthy and happy babies and fall more in love with them each day. I will give more specific updates soon and have iPhone pics to upload tonight from last month! Thanks for hanging in with me! Here are our 15 month sweeties... 


  1. I think it's normal to be concerned about growth, especially with a boy. Totally normal mama reaction. I feel the same way about my son. I'm the only short person in our family...hoping everyone gets the tall genes, but especially my boy!
    Our twins take turns going through growth spurts. Oh, and ours didn't walk till much later either...so you are not alone in that. My first child walked on her first birthday, but the twins walked at 16ish months and 22 months respectively. Just thought that might give you some comfort!
    Your babies are BEAUTIFUL!! Having twins is such a special gift from the Lord!

  2. Grey is only 22 lbs and is super low on the growth chart too - I feel like everyone's babies who are his age are bigger so I'm with ya, but he eats wonderfully so I'm sure it'll take affect at some point. They are so sweet and just gorgeous.


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