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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hey friends! Lots of home projects going on right now :) I recently painted a wall in our home with Benjamin Moore's Wythe Blue (more blogging on that project later) and I loved the color so much, I thought it would be fun to paint our front door the same color. We have a mostly all brick house with a few small sections of wood siding. The siding, trim, shutters and front door were all freshly painted a neutral beige color right before we purchased our house, so needless to say, the paint is in great shape but it was all just so boring. I thought a little pop of color would be a nice change and I am getting ready to paint the inside of our front door the same color too. (Another day, another nap.) 
After researching what type paint to use online, I decided to go to Lowe's and get a quart of Valspar exterior semi gloss paint and had them color match to the Benjamin Moore Wythe blue I loved so much. The quart was around 15 bucks and it gave be plenty of paint for the other side! I might to the back door too with so much left over! 

I first cleaned the door really well to remove all the dirt and since the paint was so smooth already, I decided not to sand. 

I applied 4 thin coats with a brush and currently, the door is cracked open as it dries. Its a gorgeous day here in Texas so I would suggest doing a project like this when its not too hot or cold out :) 

I did it all while my babies took their nap. This is a fun way to give your house a little personality in just a few hours! 

Here are some before, during and afters. Our front porch is still a work in progress, so is our whole lawn for that matter (thats why I didn't show any "full body" shots :)

Pardon the wet spots, I had just watered our ferns.

The wall going up our stairs is in the same color. I will show ya'll more of that once it is finished. What do you think? What color are your front doors?


  1. I want to see more of that wall going up the steps! So pretty!

  2. it turned out so pretty! I have been wanting to paint my front door but was not sure I could do it, good to know I can! Just found you from the mom lovn blog hop and cant wait to read more!

    Emily- Our house now a home


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