Month two with baby Walker...

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cant't believe our sweet Walker pie is 2 months!!! We have had the best time with this little guy and are so enjoying our summer getting adjusted to being a family of 5. It is truly the best.
Walker, you are just the happiest baby I could ever dream of. You only fuss if you are hungry and are instantly consoled when we pick you up. You have the most laid back personality and love when your brother and sister talk to you. You smile all the time and are the chunkiest little chunker! You were 15lbs 11oz at your 2 month check up which was the 50th percentile for a FIVE MONTH OLD! You were 24.25 inches which is the 75th percentile and your head, like your weight was off the charts too! You have a little flat spot on your head that we are working on so you won't have a helmet :) You are on a three hour schedule during the day, and are just waking once at night with your night sleep stretch around 6-8 hours! You are such a snuggly angel bear and we are just smitten with you! I can't imagine our family with out you and we praise God each day for you. A good and perfect gift. 

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