Loving these days...

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hey friends. I am so sorry I am SO behind on this poor blog. I always have the best intentions of updating more often but there are so many I things I want to do and some things just have to give. Just know I always want to update and hopefully it can happen more often! 
Can I just say I am loving these days. The twins are three and half now and SO fun! Challenging at times for sure, I feel like I am always refereeing and training and correcting, but overall, they are such good, good kids and I am so very proud of who they are and who God is shaping them to be. 
Walker is 10 months now and is just pure joy. He is becoming so interactive with the twins and I'm not sure who is happier about it, him or them. It does this only child's heart SO good to see them love each other so much. 
Before church tonight, Hadley was dressed so precious (in one of her cousin's many fabulous hand me downs) and it was gorgeous outside, so I thought I would take a few shots with my iphone (I need to get out my good camera out more often, but the iphone is just so darn convenient)  and before I knew it the boys were in on the action. Here are a couple shots from today, such sweet days...

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I noticed an Instagram account called Isabellamarie7 has been using your twin pregnancy photos, and I recognized that they are your pictures because I have closely followed your twin pregnancy while I was pregnant with mine! :) I reported them for you!


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