Walkers 2nd birthday party

Thursday, May 4, 2017

So I feel like my life might have been changed tonight when I discovered that I can blog over my phone on an app! I love my blog so very much but you wouldn't know it by how much I have neglected it and how infrequently I post. Please know that is not my heart, it's just this stage of life. Three kids four an under and in a world where Instagram is much easier and quicker and more efficient, it just happens that way. Let's see if this app can make me step up my game! Tonight we had a wonderful night celebrating our sweet Walker turning two. It was a casual evening at the park close by our house. As much as I love fancy birthday parties, sometimes it's the laid-back and relaxed ones that don't stress you out that make for the best memories. Instead of meeting in our usual setting with our community group, we brought our community group to the park so we could celebrate Walker, Mickey style! Walker loves Mickey Mouse so we wanted to add a few little Mickey touches to the party, however with Texas wind blowing like crazy tonight, the gigantic $10 Mickey balloon that was sure to make him so excited quickly became decapitated as the wind blew the head right off. ( looks like those balloons come in pieces that are not very effectively taped) as soon as the balloon came out of the car to present to Walker, the head ripped right off and floated  into the sky leaving our brand-new two-year-old with the words "ah oh, Mickey" which were repeated all night long. My sweet husband who had stopped after work per my instructions to get the balloon was so bummed that he decided to hang the somewhat morbid Mickey body balloon on the railing to let our guests know that they had arrived at the party. Luckily, that was the only hiccup of the night as all of the little friends played together all evening and we had a wonderful night just hanging out celebrating this precious boy. Also, I don't know if it's the big boy haircut that he just got or what, but he is just so big now and is seemingly maturing out of tantrums and outburst happening less and less each day. 
Here are a couple photos from the evening...

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