Ode to Happy Everything!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A couple of years ago I received a "Happy Everything" plate for Christmas. It is one of my favorite things, as you just change the attachments as the holidays and seasons change, making it happy EVERYTHING. However, on a not so happy day last week, my plate which was on top of the refrigerator (bad idea I know) came tumbling down when i opened the freezer and it shattered everywhere :( They aren't really cheap but I had invested so much in all the attachments that I had to make a trip to Two Chicks in Louisville over Thanksgiving to get a new one. Now I will be featuring my sweet little plate as the seasons change because I realized how special that plate was to me when it broke. So here is its debut on joyful life...

I also baked some healthier chocolate chip cookies from skinny taste that were very tasty and you get the recipe here. 

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