Finding out I was pregnant!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

As I explained in my last post I knew that I ovulated in December and we timed everything just right :) I also forgot to mention to you that when we conceived, a couple hours before trying, I took a swig of Robitussin ( I took it every day for 5 days before ovulation) This is an old wives tale that my aunt used after a long time of trying, and BOOM... she became pregnant that month! I have advised people of this and have heard crazy positive results, so I figured it couldn't hurt. Click here to find out the science behind it. After doing all we could on our part, Luke and I spent the next couple weeks just praying and waiting to be able to take a test.  
I read that the VERY earliest you could ever get a positive pregnancy test was 9 days past ovulation. I had purchased bulk pregnancy tests that are very sensitive and were very cheap. You can buy them on for about 50 cents a piece, so you can test often and not have to waste 5 dollars every time. They are also used a lot for IVF so they can detect very small hormone levels. While I read you could find out as early as 9 days past ovulation, 11 or 13 days past was when you usually can tell.
I started testing 9 days past ovulation and knew I didn't want to tell Luke that I was testing, because I wanted to tell him in a special way, not just telling him after peeing on a test. Here were how my results panned out...

  • 9 DPO (days past ovulation) negative.
  • 10 DPO at 8 am I COULDN'T believe that I saw the tiniest faintest line that was so light that I had to wonder if my mind was making it appear. Didn't say a word to Luke.
  • 10 DPO 4pm, I decided to test again! I know this is obsessive but I was going to work that night and know that your hormone levels increase by the hour so I tested again, and there again was SUCH a faint line.
  • I took the two test strips to work that night to show my friends at work. I am an RN and knew I would have to tell my work immediately because as a nurse on my unit, I sometimes take care of patients who have very yucky, contagious diseases that could harm my baby. So I showed all my coworkers that night my two FAINT lines.  It felt SO great to tell SOMEONE because I didn't want to tell Luke, my Mom, my sister in-law or any best friends until I could tell them in person. 
  • All my friends told me they saw a line too! I tested that night at work with a test that they use on patients in the ER. Again, another line, still faint but darker than the other two!

  • Came home from work that morning and decided to bring out the expensive tests... the one that has a plus sign if positive and the ever perfect digital test that says PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT (no guessing to it) 
  • Got a plus sign! I was starting to actually believe it! But I don't think it would be official to me until I got a positive on the digital...

Sunday morning 12/18/2011 PREGNANT! I had to go back to work that night, so I had to sleep while Luke was at church. Waiting until he got home and after I got some sleep seemed like FOREVER to tell him the good news!
More later :)

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