Our road to getting pregnant...

Friday, February 17, 2012

First of all I want to thank all of the sweet and supportive love shown to me through JoyfulLife, Facebook and beyond! I am so blessed to have such wonderful and loving friends! Thank you for all of the prayers too. We so treasure them and would love to have them keep coming through this pregnancy :) It feels so wonderful to finally get to share my joy with friends and family! I also apologize for my lack of blogging these last 12 weeks, it has been hard to keep this a secret or want to blog about anything else. I created this blog 4 months before we started trying, in hopes of having a way to keep family and friends updated with this pregnancy, and I feel as if I have been blogging about MANY other subjects while waiting on God's perfect timing.

I will try to not go through too much detail in sharing our journey to getting pregnant because many of you will not care to know the details of fertility issues. For those of you who are struggling to get pregnant or just want to know more of our story, PLEASE email me at  katd678@gmail.com. I feel like God wants to use my story to reach out to other girls struggling to become pregnant and I know the encouragement that I received from other women going through the same thing gave me so much strength and hope.
In a VERY short outline here was our story...

  • Went off of the birth control pill January 2011.
  • Went to my OBGYN in April since I never got a period since coming off the pill.
  • Diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) you can learn about that Here.
  • Started Metformin to regulate my cycles, but it never worked so I had to take progesterone to induce a cycle every month for three months.
  • Started Clomid (fertility med) in September with no success. Bumped clomid from 50mg to 100 mg in October, no success. 
  • In November I had a period ON MY OWN for the first time the whole year. Sorry for the details :)
  • I was supposed to be referred to an infertility specialist in December but since my body was doing what it was supposed to, they gave me one more chance with Clomid.
  • Got a positive ovulation test in december. This is the first time I ovulated all year. Again, sorry for the details.
The control line is on the right and the line on the left needs to be as dark or darker as the line on the left to be positive for ovulation.

  • We had "Ovulation Jubilation" (thanks Summer) at work that night when I was cramping all night long. Yay!
  • I became pregnant THAT month! Praise God!

Sorry if that was lengthy and or boring. A lot of this is for my own records :) I feel so blessed that I always knew why I wasn't becoming pregnant... You can't become pregnant if you aren't ovulating. I was so thankful that I had an amazing team of doctors that helped me do so to achieve pregnancy. It was almost a year, which seemed scary and doubtful at the time, but looking back I feel UNBELIEVABLY blessed to become pregnant so fast, relatively speaking. My heart goes out and aches for those struggling with infertility, but just know that God can work miracles. He is a God that answers prayers. 


  1. Hi Kathleen! I went to CCU with Luke, don't know if you remember me...I was Maria Dolbeare now LeCrone. I was Chelsea White (now Jones) roomie when we were freshmen and I think that's how I met you. Anyway, I'm not sure what path I took to find your blog but I did and my heart is rejoicing with and for you! What a blessing! i will add you and your little ones to my prayer list. So glad you're using your story to glorify our sweet Lord.

  2. Hey Kathleen,

    I am rejoicing with you as well! What an all-powerful God we serve. I understand your journey. I too have "fertility" issues and know the ups and downs it brings. I'm glad you are sharing your story because like you, I was encouraged along the way during my story, of others who were experiencing similar circumstances.

    Twins!! Oh double the joy! I really couldn't be happier for you and Luke.

  3. One of the greatest gift from God to all women is getting pregnant and having a baby.


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