2nd trimester in review and 28 weeks

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I am feeling SO blessed that the 2nd trimester is over and the last one is here! What a smooth and wonderful pregnancy this has been. Here is 2nd trimester in review...

At 16 weeks we were thrilled to find out the genders of our sweet babies!

17 weeks felt a few bubbly type flutters.

19 weeks felt tiny movements.

At 19 weeks we had our anatomy scan which gave us quite a scare with Jack Henry. We followed up at 21 weeks with a level 2 ultrasound to find out that everything was perfect with our little guy and we had two healthy, happy, growing babies. This was a great test of our faith and we give glory to God.

22 weeks felt strong and consistant movement. What a joy :)

24 weeks I hit the "viability" milestone. With the scares of twins coming early, this is a big milestone as if they were born then, they would have a chance of survival with lots of help from the NICU.

24 weeks is also when I started getting pretty physically uncomfortable.

27 weeks I was put on modified bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy and taken out of work.

Here are some 2nd trimester phone pictures...

16 weeks
18 weeks
19 weeks
21 weeks
25 weeks

And here we are at 28 weeks...

Maternity Clothes? Pretty much ALL!

Stretch Marks? Still none! WHoo hoo!

Sleep? I now have a hard time getting to sleep but do pretty well once I am asleep.

Movement? Moving TONS and starting to kick HARD.

Cravings? Ice cream type things!

Gender? Boy and girl

Belly Button In or Out? Out!

Symptoms: Belly is BIG and tight, heartburn and some leg cramps, back aches, and a few braxton hicks contractions.

Best moment of the week? Seeing our nursery painted :)

What I am looking forward to: Our next appointment... this tuesday!


  1. I just love your maternity style! So adorable!

  2. I am currently 28 weeks along with do/do girls and I've been reading your blog posts week by week for encouragement. I have two other kids (age almost 5 and just 3) and am finding it so difficult. I want to praise God for these blessings in my belly but I'm so tired and discouraged from having no energy to send on my older kids or myself. How do you handle discouragement and the feeling of just not being able to do enough? It doest help that we are moving in two weeks and I'm supposed to be trying to get the house packed up. And I have 1 week 1/2 of work left!


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