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Saturday, June 23, 2012

I was very excited to find the double stroller that I wanted to use for the first few months of the babies lives. We have a front to back double stroller that will accommodate car carrier seats that was given to us by dear friends of ours who also have twins. It is a great stroller and can seat toddlers or infant carrying seats. However, it is very heavy and Luke was concerned that it would be too heavy for me to handle by myself when the babies are so tiny getting them in and out of this heavy stroller. We registered for a side by side stroller for walks in the park and once they are out of their carriers, the front to back one that we have will work wonderfully but until then we found the snap n go double stroller originally $100 on craigstlist for $15! We couldn't pass it up! It is just an aluminum frame that the baby carriers simply snap into. It is light and wonderful and I feel more confident getting them in and out of it when Luke isn't there to help me :) So here is what Jack Henry and Hadley will be cruising in for the first few months... 


  1. They are going to love it! Smart idea to get a lighter one for the beginning. I'm so glad JR is at the point where he can go straight into the stroller with no car seat :) Your home looks beautiful- did you rearrange? Love that chair Is it new?

  2. Thanks SaV! I can't believe that JR can go straight in the car seat! He is getting so big! We got rid of our table and chairs and buffet table because we had NO ROOM! So now we just have one big open room, to fill with baby gear... EEK! There goes "the perfect house" :) It felt good to purge! The chair is new since you moved to Dallas, I got it at Grandin Road outlet, but sadly its going in my parents basement for a while. Love you and CANT WAIT for your fall visit!

  3. You will love that stroller! We got one for Simeon and have loved not having to lug the bigger one around right now!


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