Sweet smiles and a small update :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In other news: God is GOOD! We spent some great time with family and friends in Louisville as my husband played for a men's ministry event at our home church, part of it being a tribute to his brother. Just beautiful. I am beginning to find strength and motivation to start the process of blogging about my beloved brother in law who we just are missing so very much.
Babies are WONDERFUL and I am SO excited that our 6 pack of Charlie Banana cloth diapers arrived in the mail yesterday! We can't use them yet as I am still waiting on some fuzzibunz diapers with all the gear (special detergent and bags etc) but I just cant wait to try them out! They are SOOOO fluffy and very very soft, and unbelievably adorable. I just can't wait to diaper their cute little tushies in vibrant colored diapers! Much blogging to come on this subject! Okay, more soon my precious blog readers :) 


  1. I can't get enough of them! Thank you so much for sharing so many pictures of these sweet babes! :)

  2. Seriously - your pictures are soooo good! I have a macro lens but I feel like the coloring is never right (without flash too dark and with too washed out). Sometimes I'll open the blinds and face the kids towards the light but it still gets too harsh at times. Do you edit your pictures or is the lighting just that perfect? I'm dying to know because it's always so pretty.
    Grey has the same outfit as JH - how funny is that? I LOVE it - he just wore his last weekend and it was so super cute, especially with the hood up. Also - I've been cloth diapering since Avery was a wee one and started with Grey in the very beginning and have loved it. Once I got into a rythym and established our "method" we were good to go. I use predominately Bum Genius, but the ones you ordered look pretty similar. I've been extremely happy with the OS ones. If you ever have questions just let me know, I was lucky to have a friend who had "gone before" and I often picked her brain in my early days. Also - greenmountaindiapers is an awesome site - it looks super basic but prices are awesome and so is Customer support.


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