Toxic Words...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

God is so gracious in sharing His word with me and speaking into my life and specific situations with scripture just when I need it most. 

Have you heard of She Reads Truth? It is an AWESOME site that gives you scripture reading plans and a short devotional to go with it each day. You can learn more about it with this short video Here. It is created especially for women and you can discuss what you are learning together. Very cool.

I came across the current reading plan called Soul Detox. I was intrigued and couldn't believe what God would reveal to me when I needed it most.

I have had some hurtful things being commented on this blog recently. I know by putting my life out there on the world wide web, I am subjecting my self to criticism but I didn't know quite how to handle my emotions when hearing these hurtful words. I have been praying the past several days and was SO thankful that God answered me through She Reads Truth.... 

"Even as you strive to stop saying toxic words to others, you will still have to deal with toxic words being said to you. As a result, you must do what God's Word tells us to do when others speak toxic words to us: you must guard your heart against them."

How will you guard your heart against toxic words?

I will pray for those who say harsh words to me, guard my heart and continue to strive to use this blog as a source of encouragement to my readers. God is so very good and JOYFUL life will be used to bring him glory no matter what :) 


  1. I really hope you didn't take my Babywearing advice, harshly! I was just trying to help! It looks like you're doing a fantastic job with your beautiful babies! <3

  2. NOT AT ALL!!! Your comment was helpful and appreciated! Thank you so very much!

  3. What?? I can't believe someone would be posting negative comments. It is so easy to see and feel the love that you and Luke have for these sweet babies. Not only that, but that you continually praise and thank God for this blessing.

    I hate to hear that! I know how sweet you are and what a kind heart you have. Keep on blogging, sister!

  4. Hi Kathleen, I often read your blog but don't often comment. I just wanted you to know that I receive much encouragement from reading your blog. I'm a new follower of Christ (am wondering why it didn't happen sooner!) and am learning quickly that sometimes God's path can be a difficult one to walk. But oh my goodness...the joy in my life since finding my faith is amazing. I think you are an incredible mother and admire any mother of twins!
    You have a beautiful family and I love getting a little sneak peek into your life. Thankyou for letting us know about She Reads Truth, I'll have a look. Also, any other blogs or resources that you use would be much appreciated.

    God bless xxx

  5. Great post. I can't imagine anyone having anything but cudo's for your blog but there will always be neysayers. Just fix your eyes on Jesus and keep up the awesome job. I love you.

  6. I cant believe anyone would post negative comments on your blog. I think your blog is inspirational and I love seeing pictures of the babies since I don't always make it to church on Sunday. I hope the web site helps you through the neg comments and you continue your blog. Thanks for the web site information I think I will check that site out. Jamie

  7. I am going to ditto all the other comments on here :) I read your blog all the time and have never commented before. To hear that makes me sad for you because toxic words are so hard to hear. But be encouraged that the world does not like anything to bring glory to the Lord and your family and your blog definitely do that!! Your babies are beautiful and the joy you find in them just oozes from you. Keep up the good work sweet girl. Thank you for sharing this gimps into your life!!

  8. love your blog and those sweet chunky babes! Satan will try anything he can to discourage, won't he? thank you for sharing that amazing blog! going to jump in on that.

  9. Sweet friend, you are so brave. Keep leaning on strength that is not possible without God. Thank you for being an inspiration to many (even if we are well past the new mommy stage of life) as a mother, wife, and Christian sister.
    Be encouraged!
    Thanks for sharing the new site.

  10. I find your blog inspirational as a mother of twins, I am in a twins club in cincinnati and I an incharge of finding speakers for the group. we have 12 newly pregnant moms that joined and we want you to come speak for 45min-1hr about your fav products and routines. we will pay you $100 for your time if you can do it for us. please email me at


    1. Do It Kathleen! You would be so helpful to other moms!

  11. Hi Kathleen,
    I used to be a member of Ross Christian Church, before I met and married my husband, who works as the worship minister at Bridgetown Church of Christ. I have been following your blog since long before your sweet babies were born, and you are an inspiration. Just remember that who you are in Christ is really all that matters.

    Much love,

  12. Your blog is such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your walk with us!


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