6 Month Doctors Appointment

Monday, February 18, 2013

We have...
TWO COMPLETELY PERFECTLY HEALTHY babes who are a half a year old! WHAT?! 

Things we discussed with our pediatrician...

Jack Henry is not a great eater of solids, like, at all. What do we do?
- They said it really is not a big deal that he is not a great eater at this point. They reminded me that their nutrition should really come from my breast milk the first year, and having them eat solids really just gets them practicing those skills, until a year when their nutrition should start coming from solid foods.
So we are going to keep giving and trying and hopefully he will become a better eater. We have only given him cereals and avocado and Aunt Ashley blended him some delicious carrots in the vita mix a couple days ago... annnndddd DENIED.

Hadley had a pretty bad diaper rash at the time of the appointment. We switched to cloth diapers several weeks ago and for some reason her poop really irritates her QUICKLY. We have had no other issues with cloth diapering, in fact we LOVE it, however we have to check for poo poo and get it out in a hurry before it breaks her little skin. She told us to put some anti-fungal cream on it along with A and D so we slather her little booty up and let her be diaper free for a bit and then wipe off with a warm cloth an put her back in her fuzzibunz. Works great.

Since Jack Henry is only rolling from belly to back we made sure it was okay that he was not rolling from back to belly yet... she said this is completely normal, no concern and he should be doing this soon. Which just since the appointment he is trying. Also....

 NO HELMET for our little man! Yay!

And lastly, our perfect sleeper Jack Henry has been waking up once in the night for a couple weeks now to eat! He needs to eat those solids and maybe that would keep him fuller longer. Sometimes we let him cry it out, sometimes I can tell he is hungry and feed him and sometimes he sleeps right through the night. The good thing is, they both still sleep 12 hours, and if he wakes, it usually after 8 hours of sleep, I feed him for 12 minutes and he goes right back to his crib quietly. We are going to try to break him of his habit this week as the doctor said, if he has been sleeping straight through with out problems, then he is probably working me, wanting to snack. SOo0o0, crying it out it will be, unless I get the I AM HUNGRY cry and then of course I will feed him.

 They also got the same injections that they got at their last 2 appointments and we declined the flue shot. 

Here are their stats:

Jack Henry
Weight: 16lb 2oz (50th percentile)
Length: 25 inches (25th percentile)
Head circumference: 46.5 cm (ON THE CHARTS NOW at 98th percentile :)

Head Circumference: 44.5 cm (92nd percentile)
Length: 25 inches (25th percentile)
Weight: 15 lb 9oz (50th percentile)

Doctors were pleased with their weight gain, which is always a relief since they are only breastfed and I am never sure exactly what they are getting and my tiny little peanuts decided to be short this month. They are usually at the 50th percentile or higher in length so they are just going to recheck them in a month. They said they are probably getting ready to have a spurt. 

We are so thankful for such happy, healthy babies. Glory to God!


  1. you have beautiful children! good tip about the diaper rash...our babe has a real bad one & are looking for alternate ways to soothe his bum :)

  2. I am reading your blog now as I'm preparing for IVF and our chance for twins is increased. I know I'm more than a year behind on this but those two extra rolls on that baby bum are just the cutest!


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