6 Months...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I can't even believe my precious babies are 6 months old now! A half a year! Sigh...Where does time go? As sad as am to see them grow, I am full of joy to have two healthy babies who are growing so well and I LOVE seeing them do and learn new things each and every day! It is true what they say, each stage gets better. Granted, time could SLOOOWWW down just a bit, but wow, I feel extremely blessed to call these little ones mine...

The babies are on a 4 hour eating schedule and are still exclusively breast fed. We introduced solid foods to them last month and they are officially un-swaddled at night. They sleep 12 hours at night and are becoming SO FUN! Here is the breakdown for each babe....

My sweet Hadley Girl,
You are so unbelievably curious. You want to see and touch everything in sight. You interact with anything and everything and are learning so very much by checking out your environment. It is precious. We have to really watch you because you will grab at anything in sight. This month you also have started to ever so slightly get stranger anxiety. Every once in a while when I pass you off to someone you will get a little sad and unsure but we let you get used to others, and you do wonderfully. You love to roll! You can pretty much get to where you want to get by rolling. You roll from belly to back and back to belly. You have the sweetest open mouth smiles, and love to smile often. You LOVE to eat, in fact you stare at mommy and daddy when we eat. We introduced you to solid foods this month. You have had rice cereal, oatmeal, avocado and carrots and have loved every bite. You are very drooly but have been since 3.5 months so maybe you are teething but then again maybe you are just my drooly girl. You went to the aquarium for the first time this month with some of your twin friends (Lauklin and Harper) and were started in cloth diapers this past month. Your little toosh looks so cute in them :) You sleep so well and only cry for about 30 seconds when we first put you down. You are taking 2 naps a day that last 1.5-2 hours and then a little cat nap in the evening. We put you in bed at 9 and you wake up and eat your breakfast at 9. You are my joy and my sweet little girl. I love you.

Jack Henry,
You are the smiliest, most giggly, most joyful little guy and I can't get enough of your contagious happiness. You love to screech and make hilarious flirty faces and are just so darn sweet. You love to hold things and while not as nosey as sister, you love to look at things and check things out. You still only roll from your belly to your back, but once on your back, you like to just chill there and play. We started you on solids and I can't say that you are a fan. You do the best with cereals (rice and oatmeal) and you really do not care for the only foods you have had: avocados and carrots. You love to "stand up" while being held and you love to cuddle. This month you woke up once at night for several weeks but you have already stopped since the pediatrician told us to let you cry it out at night, you only had one night of crying and you are back to sleeping 12 hours. You cry for a very short time when we put you down to sleep and you are like momma... not a morning person. When you wake up you usually wake up fussy, but as soon as we come to get you, you are back to my happy little fella. You are just like sister and eat every 4 hours, starting and ending your day at 9 o'clock. You take 2 naps that are 1.5-2 hours long and a small cat nap in the evening. You went to the aquarium for the first time this month and you were my Valentine this month :) My heart melts over you  my sweet little 6 month old. Momma love you!

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  1. Oh Kathleen! Their little expressions are so incredibly sweet!!! You have 2 beautiful babes. Way to go momma...God is good!


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