7 Months...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I find myself waking up each day loving these babies more and more... how is this even possible? They are at SUCH a fun age and are doing sweet new things each day. They are becoming so curious and are really starting to babble. They are such precious angels and add EMENSE joy to Luke and my life. Here are our precious little 7 monthers...

Sweet, sweet Hadley Girl,
You are my curious little girl. You love to grab anything you can and love to put objects in your mouth. You love to explore the world and discover new touches, tastes and smells. I love how you study new things. If we are at a restaurant and I have you in my lap, I have to be careful because you will reach out and grab my plate :) You love to roll! You can pretty much get to where you want to get by rolling. You roll from belly to back and back to belly and can sit up with minimal assistance  You are such a sweet happy baby and love to giggle and continue to do your same open mouth smile where you open your mouth and scrunch your little nose. You still exclusively nurse but you have now had avocado, sweet potato, carrots, banana and pears and you love every bite! You are still very drooly but no teeth yet :) You are still taking 2 naps a day that last 1.5-2 hours and then a little cat nap in the evening. We put you in bed at 9 and you wake up and eat your breakfast at 9. I love you so much my little sweet pea. xoxox

Jack Henry,
My little bear, you are still my happy, happy boy! You love to screech and squeel with joy, especially in the evening( I think you are a night owl as it takes you a bit to wake up, just like mommy) You are not grabbing at everything like your sister,but you love holding things and check them out! You still only roll from belly to back but when on your back, you scoot around in circles and you can also sit up on your own with a little help.  Your favorite thing to do is just like on your back with a toy and your hand and just squeal and laugh and smile. You are still not a fan of solid food. You have had avocado, sweet potato, carrots, banana and pears. You are still exclusively breast fed and find so much comfort in that. You sleep 12 hours just like your sister and begin and end your day at 9. You still take 2 naps that are 1.5-2 hours long and a small cat nap in the evening. I am so in love with you my little bobo bear! xoxox

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful little loves!!!!!! Your and Luke's cup runneth over, for sure :)


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