Hadley's first illness

Friday, March 29, 2013

Sorry blog readers, life has been extremely chaotic in this HUGE transition of ours, so I am very very very behind in blogging. Here is to catching up... 

I am happy to say that my sweet 7 month old little girl has never been sick! So thankful for wonderful health so far, but while I was visiting my family in Louisville without Luke, we had a little bump in the road. On Wednesday I arrived in Louisville and noticed that Hadley seemed to have caught a little cold. I assumed she caught it from Jack Henry since he had some minor congestion the week before. She sounded pretty congested but I didn't think it was bacterial, so I figured there was not much we could do. The next morning she woke up and I noticed she was not her sweet self. She was very lethargic, I heard her wheezing and her breathing seemed quick and labored. I knew I needed to take her to be seen  by a physician. Since we were out of town, I took her to an immediate care center. It was 9am and my aunt was driving my grandparents in all the way from Owensboro to visit the babies before we moved and they were to arrive around noon. I thought we'd be home in plenty of time but they ended up sending us to the nearest pediatric hospital. It was just Hadley, myself and patient Jack Henry in the ER. They took us back to the exam room and took Hadley's vitals. She had no energy and was so very pitiful as they examined her. Jack Henry began to require attention and my precious sister in law arrived  immediately to help and be with us throughout  WHAT A BLESSING! She was able to hold a baby while I was feeding one. She kept me company and just graced us with her comforting presence. A respiratory therapist suctioned Hadley and removed so much of what was making her uncomfortable but she still sounded wet. They tested her for flu and RSV, and she was thankfully negative for both. They gave her a chest X-ray to rule out pneumonia and she responded ended up responding very well to a breathing treatment that only 1 in 6 babies usually respond to. She was diagnosed with bronchiloitis and we ended up being sent home with breathing treatments to do until she cleared up. My sweet and spunky girl was very miserable and exausted the rest of the day. We were thankful to be with lots of loving family to help her heal quickly!

Thank you God for healing Miss Hadley!

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