11 months...

Friday, August 2, 2013

Another late monthly post as my babies are now 11 days short of 12 months. I can't believe my little sweeties will be ONE on the next monthly update. Its hard to take in just how good has God been to us. This was the first month in our new house and they have adjusted so well. Not once has anybody woken up in the night and they have so much fun playing in all the chaos! This was a big month for us as Hadley is officially a crawler! We are just now waiting on brother. So many people have told me that each stage gets better and better and I must say this is my favorite stage yet. They are SO full of personality and are constantly doing new things. They are my joy! They are still breastfed at every meal (4 times a day) but I have now added coconut milk in addition to my milk and they are eating tons of finger foods. My supply is dwindling and its almost the 12 month mark! We had an early birthday celebration in Louisville with all our friends and family and can't believe August 11 is quickly approaching. I wish time could stand still but since it won't, I am soaking in every moment.  

Jack Henry: You are my precious boy!!! You are my little chatter box and say da-da, ma-ma, ba-ba and the likes. You make the funniest noises and grunts and squeals. You love to play with toys and bang things together. You change positions all the time and even get into hands and knees but still no crawling. You might be like momma who didn't walk until 16 months!  You have started to wave bye bye and love to be played with! You sleep perfectly through the night and are such a sweetie. You will go to anybody, you are very laid back and you still have the hair that sticks straight up in the back! You love to laugh at sister and just have so much personality. We are so excited to continue to watch you grow and do new things, but I'm sad my baby bear is getting so big! We love you Jack Henry!

Hadley girl: You really came to life this month. You have always been beyond precious but your personality has just exploded! You laugh at everything and are the smiliest little thang! Momma loves that! You are very nosey and want to check out everything. You are not as laid back as brother and I think you will definitely be my spunky one! You are still yet to wake up in the night... ever. What an angel you are! I love the way you interact with brother and you are just crawling all over the place! You are MOMMIES girl. No one else will do! I wish you'd go to others more easily, but deep down I kinda like it ;) I love you my beautiful daughter and can't wait to see what next month will bring!

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