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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WARNING: This is a lengthy post.

Hey friends! Okay, so I just tried the ole barefoot contessa's Tzatziki sauce and I have to say it is better than my first recipe. You can see this recipe Here. The only thing I did differently was sub the sour cream for more greek yogurt. It was delicious. Also, I did a little short cut that I think diminished the quality of the recipe. Instead of grating the cucumber as Ina directs, I threw it in the vitamix (aint nobody got time for that) but I think it lost some texture and I watered it down a bit, so next time I will follow the directions. oops. Even my shortcut way was delish. Here it is with some green peppers...

The blog: Lets face it... it need a MAJOR makeover. I have always wanted to spruce it up a little bit but the more I tried the more cluttered and yucky it got. Thank you readers for sticking with me through the unappealing HTML... I am horrid at this. My goal is to clean things up, give it some style and give you a much more beautiful blog to read. Stay patient with me, I am working on this soon. Which brings me to my next little issue...

My camera battery charger is lost. I have always had a little airhead in me but since I had the twins... woah. I am constantly loosing things. I like to say and think that I put all my energy on the well being of my babies that the rest just has to take a back seat, but lets face it... I have major "mom brain." (when pregnancy brain is no longer there, we have this to blame) The babies are 10 days past their first birthday and I have yet to take their 12 month pictures because I have no battery. I know think I had it in Louisville, which was the day after we moved into our house, so that means its still in Louisville, probably under the ground in my parents pod who are in transition in their move ORRRRR it is somewhere in my not totally unpacked house. SO I will give a second stab at finding it and if I can't find it, I will order one off amazon because my sweet babies are changing by the day and I have to capture their tininess while I can.

House: Things are going so well with the house! I get asked all the time if we are settled yet. To that I have to just laugh because we are no where near that. I will say we are probably about 75% settled as far as organizing things and giving everything a "place" But we are about 10% IF THAT decorated, and to me, an undecorated house is not a home just yet. On the decorating front... We sold a lot of our existing stuff and are going with new colors and a new look. We ordered a sofa, which I will do a separate post on soon because who knew choosing an attractive sectional could be so challenging. The sectional wont be delivered until the first week in September and I have a precious friend who is making my curtains as we speak! My colors for our main living space are coral, lime, turquoise and aqua. I know thats a little wild, but we are sticking with cream wall and we need POPS of color. We have a dark wood laminate floor so I am excited to bring some color into the space. My handy hubby has been doing awesome things like mounting our TV, tending to our lawn and a whole list of other tasks. We have been doing lots of little projects, but none are very fun yet (setting up a soaker hose around the house to care for our foundation, switching out shower heads, locks and the like) 
The babies room is about 80% finished, that will be the first completed room!

Weaning the babes: We are currently down to just 2, sometimes 1, breastfeeds per day. More on this later but this has meant really getting to focus on the care of my body again. I have cleaned up my diet and began to slowly exercise again. The whole "I can't work out or I will pass out and I can pretty much eat whatever I want" train is over. But honestly, I am ready to get back to living my healthy lifestyle. Not that I wasn't eating healthy while breastfeeding but I know I wasn't giving my body all the right things, and that OKAY, I enjoyed that time and now a new season is here. So, we are still but really just at the start and end of our day, and there isn't much left. Tear, tear. I think we will be completely finished soon. 

Sorry for the lack of pictures and for the excess of words, I just figured I'd catch ya'll up a little bit. Stay tuned for the nursery reveal SOON :)

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