Built in Makeover

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I am embarrassed to say we have been in our house over 7 months and are still moving at a slow pace. Our living room is probably about 75% complete so I thought I would share with your one of our completed projects. The built in. When I saw our home for the first time I was SO EXCITED and fell in love with everything instantly! But then once we moved in and the romance wore off just a tad, I noticed that everything wasn't in fact PERFECT... shocker :) My "beautiful" built in cabinetry ended up being a really awkward space that used to house an old school big boxed TV. The shelves were SO deep. Too deep for a flat screen. I really wasn't a fan of the idea of mounting my TV over the fireplace, as I would LOVE to have mantle space to decorate beautifully for each season. However, with our room and furniture configuration, there was no other place than above the fireplace for our TV. The cabinetry was SO deep and so tall. My biggest complaints were if I put a picture frame in there it would look lost. Also, it needed some door space where we could put our electronic equipment and for storage. The open shelves went all the way to the floor which just looked awkward. You couldn't adjust the shelves, they were totally fixed and they were also big and bulky and needed some serious molding. Basically, this space needed some love. We had Capstone Custom Homes complete the project and they did a FABULOUS job. They completed in a couple of hours and were so friendly and professional. We absolutely loved our experience with them, and they worked well within our budget. Once I reveal the whole space I will take a finished picture with the shelves styled a little better, the price tags off the frames and for crying out loud, take the sippy cup of the mantle. eeek. But for now here is the before and after....


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