20 Months

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I cant believe my sweet ones are 20 months, just four months shy of two. They are at an unbelievably fun stage but a tough one as far as their big little wills go. They are learning SO MUCH. Seriously new words and skills learned each day. The first that pops into my mind is Hadley can now "twirl." My sweet friend Lindsay taught her at community group last week and now all you have to do is say "twirl Hadley" and she proudly spins in a circle and will even sometime walk up to me and hold her hand out to grab mine so I can "spin" her as she twirls. MELT ME NOW. Jack Henry, my sweet little man, my favorite thing he does these days, his hilarious walk. He walks so stiff with such joy and bounce. I love to watch his curly ends of his hair bounce around as he marches around smiling. While he can be very strong willed, he is such an angel.
This is a tough age because they can understand you but since communication is still not advanced, frustration can occur which can lead to melt downs. Some days they obey the first time you ask, and others (like today) defiance is alive and well. We are working on first time obedience here and usually do a great job with this. 
Hadley is usually a bit more obedient than Jack Henry, I think gender and personality come into play here. JH is ridiculously sweet but has a hard time submitting to us when its not on his schedule. However, no one can have a melt down like Hadley girl. It is true what they say about girls being dramatic. Sister will throw her self to the ground in a heart beat and when she looses it, she really looses it. I have to keep it real around here, while they are very obedient and sweet babies, they are still toddlers who have tantrums. I think its been the most challenging time as a parent so far even though its yet again, our favorite age. Lots of training and correction going on here at the Davidson home and all we can do is be on our knees daily, asking God to give us everything we need to parent well.

They are talking up a storm and are starting to put words together, like "Hi kitty" and "bye bye Daddy". Hadley has about every animal sound down and we are trying to teach JH not all animals are called puppies :) JH LOVES balls and trucks right now and Hadley loves helping mommy. Anything I tell her to do, she gets so excited to help. They are so different in personality and I am beginning to see their genders play out more and more. Just the other day they both walked up to a puddle. Hadley tip toed around it being very careful not to get wet, where Jack Henry stomped right in it, making big splashes and smiling big time. It is so fun to see them interact and to see their differences. 

They are wearing 18-24 month clothing and Hadley went from wearing headband bows to a little "pebbles" pony tail on top of her head with a smaller sized bow. Jack Henry recieved a fedora as a gift and it has become a new favorite of his. He puts it on ALL the time. It might match his outfit or he might wear it with a diaper and nothing else. He shouts "hat!" and walks around with such confidence when he wears it. 

They love books, especially Hadley and they love to dance, especially Jack Henry. Picky eating doesnt seem to exist anymore, especially for Jack Henry. He will eat anything these days and now Hadley is the picky one, although she eats about anything too. They drink water "wa-wa" all day and have about 16oz of milk "ba-ba" each day. I am still making their milk from coconut almond butter and that is going well. 

Once again, Jack Henry and Hadley could not possibly bring me any more joy. They melt my heart and even in the trying times, I praise God for allowing me to be their mother. They are truly getting so big and are getting so old. They are full on toddler and Luke and I each day marvel at how much they are maturing. Luke almost daily looks and them and says "SERIOUSLY, how are they so cute" and we tell each other ALL the time how blessed we are. God has been so very good to us in bringing us these babies.  



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