23 Months

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I can't believe this is the last month before my babies are TWO! I am so used to saying they are "fill in the blank" months old. Next month I will start saying they are two. Where does the time go? 

I still wake up every day and can't believe they are mine. Seriously. My heart has so much love for them, it feels like we have always had them in our family but it also feels new each day. Like, new in the way where I get them out of their cribs and just bask in God's goodness to me. These sweeties are ours? What?! 

This is such a fun age. It is challenging at times but it is so fun to watch them learn so much. If I could sum up this stage, it is one of SO much learning. Each day they learn so many new things, words and concepts. They are talking up a storm. There is really no way I could list their vocab because they know so many words. They are putting words together like "daddy's shirt" "mommy go bye-bye" etc. They are able to make their own choices (when I let them) and they are just so easy going, loving and sweet. Seriously easy babies.

Our number one goal as parents is to grow children who know and love The Lord. Each day we try to instill things into them that will help them understand the majesty of Christ. They praise Jesus by putting their hands in the air, when asked where Jesus lives, they point to and say "heart" and then point to your heart too. They know not to eat until they pray. Jack Henry has started closing squinting his eyes during prayer time. It is precious. One day Luke and the twins were praying in the kitchen while I was cooking and Hadley ran over to me during the prayer and pointed her finger at me and said "pray momma" Ooops! What little eyes see. They imitate everything we do which is certainly humbling and gives me a good smack of reality to be the best me. 

Jack Henry:
You are the cutest little thing! You have such a swag about you and have the sweetest heart. You love to dance and you have the cutest walk. You walk almost with a march and you do this "chicken wing" thing with one arm. You also do the chicken wing while you dance. You LOVE trucks and cars. They are the first thing you go to in a group of toys. You can say "car" "truck" "vroom vroom". You love making animal sounds just like sister and you love pushing your lawn mower. You are very much a thinker and you get lost in your own little world. It is fun to watch you because you don't let us watching you affect what you are doing at all. You are very easy going and have become easier and easier as you get older, and you were an easy baby, so that is saying a lot. You are very sweet. Sugary sweet. You love giving sister toys and you have such a sweet and generous heart. You are certainly a daddy's boy. You love me lots, but Daddy is just special. You light up when he enters a room and you are just his boy. You have the most adorable face and you are just my dreamy boy. Momma loves you SO much.

Sweetest, smartest girl. You are so full or personality and such a smart little girl. Verbally, you are ahead of brother as you are just talking up a storm. You are SUCH a girl, always requesting bows and going straight for anything pink or sparkly (like momma:)) You are so very sweet. You always love giving hugs and kisses. You are definitely a momma's girl. You are all momma all the time. I love it. You are very emotional and can have your fair share of meltdowns but you are also SO very obedient. You listen to mommy and daddy's corrections even when you really don't want to. You are definetly the "dominant" twin. You always have been. But as much as you like to be the boss, you love brother so much and love doing things for him and giving him kisses. I love when you see something that is brothers and hand it to him saying "here brother." You call Jack Henry "bro-dur" and he calls you "Hat-tie." 

The babies are really loving books and coloring. We bought them a little table and chair set where they love to eat and color. They are GOOD eaters! They eat almost whatever we eat. Jack Henry who used to be my pickiest is now the best eater of the two. They love to scribble with crayons but have a short attention span for coloring just yet. They love side walk chalk and their very favorite activity are the cars that Aunt Ashee gave them. They LOVE water, especially Hadley. Jack Henry always proceeds with caution where Hadley is trying to ride every slide she can at our local water park. We purchased season passes there and go several times a week. We are having such a fun summer and I am soaking in every ounce of their baby-ness which is quickly fading. Thank you Lord for these PRECIOUS treasures. We are so blessed.     

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  1. Such a sweet post. They will love reading these blog letters when they get older. Great pictures!


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