2 year check up

Thursday, August 14, 2014

We had a great 2 year appointment yesterday. Babies are perfectly healthy and right on track with all of their developmental milestones. Jack Henry speaks above his age level in word counts and Hadley surpasses it, big time. My big headed- tiny bodied, Jack Henry went up 14 percentage points for height! YAY! There is hope for my sweet boy :) The doctor said not to think anything about his small height right now because it means nothing for the future. I have heard lots of people say that whatever height they are at their 2 year check up, double that, and that will be their adult height. I asked her if that was true and she said it wasn't. Thank goodness or my boy would be SHORT. I am praying for big growth spurts in his future. Maybe he will be like daddy and grow 1 foot in 1 year in middle school :) We are happy however God made them, and we are so thankful they are healthy! They had one shot and did great. Here are their 2 year stats...

Height: 33.75 in (58th)
Weight: 29.5 lb (82nd)
Head circumference: 50.7 (99th!!!)

Jack Henry 

Height: 33 in (22nd)
Weight: 28.2 lb (53rd)

Head circumference: 51.7 (98th)


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  1. Grey's well check was today - he was a whopping 33 inches in height and 26 lbs...looks like our boys could be tiny peas in a little pod ;)! You know what they say: "big things come in small packages" ;).


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