Walker is 5 months: September 2015

Monday, November 2, 2015

Hey friends! Our sweet Walker is now 6 months as of yesterday so I thought I better get it together and post his 5 month update before I post his 6 month tomorrow! Below are pictures of month 4 with Walker (the month leading up to his 5 month birthday. (Does that make sense?) 
You had a big month this month Walker, physically as you learned to roll from your belly to back (September 16, 2015) and you are quite good at it! 
You were eating 4 times a day (every 4 hours) and doing great with it until my milk supply tanked, so somewhere during month 5 mommy realized 4 times a day was not enough times on the breast to create sufficient milk for you, big boy. So slowly we are building it right back up!
You are sleeping 12 hours at night still, NEVER making a peep at night. 7:30-7:30 Thank you babywise, and thank you Jesus. 
You truly are the happiest, smiliest sweet pea, and still only need eye contact to just give the biggest cheese. It MELTS me every time!
You squeel and screetch all the time and are taking 2 naps about 2-2.5 hours and then another cat nap in the evening. 
You are grabbing things and bringing them right to your mouth and are starting to slobber a bit. 
You continue to be such a big boy, wearing 9-12 month outfits and drinking 5oz bottles when I pump. 
I am truly not exagerating when I say you are the easiest baby, like UNBELIEVABLY easy. The only thing you don't do perfectly is nap well when we are out and about. Like, you wont fall asleep in your car seat when we are out of the house but if I put you in the baby carrier and give you a paci, you are out. So we use the Ergo a lot for that. 
You love your paci but you only get it outside of our home and it is a life saver when you let out your sleepy scream somewhere :)
There are NO WORDS Walker pie. You have expanded my heart in a way I couldn't imagine possible. You are loved my sweet boy. 
Here is Walker at 5 months and the month leading up to this (after his 4 month update)




  1. Correct me, but I think leading up to his 5 months birthday is his fifth month? His first month with you was leading up to his first month birthday and so on? Right? :D but seriously he's the cutest!

  2. Lol i think you are totally right!


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