Sunday, November 7, 2010

One of my sister in law's favorite places to buy cloths for my niece, Lila, is called Naartjie, and it is ADORABLE!!! I did some birthday shopping for Lila who is turning one soon and man, I didn't think my want for a baby could get ANY more intense, but.... Check out some of my favorite Naartjie items....

lace embroidered netting trimmed dress

sherpa netting trimmed ear flap beanie
essentials netting trimmed spot pants

stripe spot lovely print footed sleeper

netting tiered skirt with starlette leggings

netting trimmed butterfly skirt dress

lace netting trimmed long skirt

essentials fleck floral leggings
I equally love girl and boy cloths, but at Naartjie, I think little girls are who to shop for here!
To see more of Naartjie you can visit their website Here

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