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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Okay, all you skin care lovers out there... My mom and I found a new product that you MUST get! Here it is....
It is the OLAY ProX Cleansing brush! It is 29.99 compared to....

Clarisonic at nearly $200 (who wouldn't love this) but for the price, OLAY is a great option!

It feels like a massage for the face and feels so "spa-like" you will be excited to wash your face. 

This is what I did...

Step one:

Remove your eye make up and WOW... I have used EVERY eye make up remover out there and NONE compare to "take the day off"!!! A splurge, but WORTH IT! Plus my sweet Momma slipped one in my stocking this year :)

Step Two:

Cleanse your skin, lather up and then use the ProX brush to scrub it around. The brush is supposed to....

1. Clean your skin 6x better.
2. Open your pores
3. Makes your skin absorb your moisturizer better and deeper. 

Step Three:
Exfoliate with any kind of toner... I love Clinique Clarifying 2 because it is made for dry skin like mine. 

Last Step:

Moisturize your face and...

your eyes (AVEDA rocks)

My advice is splurge a bit on your skin care; if it motivates you to take better care of your skin this year... what a great investment, to invest in healthy skin :)

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  1. this sounds greaT!! I plan on buying all this. You see, my face is usually oily and bumpy b/c im a teen. I really hope this works


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