33 Weeks

Monday, July 16, 2012

I had no idea that this would be the hardest week in our family's lives. I can't thank you enough for all of the prayers and love that you all have shown. When I have the strength and energy, I will be blogging all about my precious brother in law, Matt D. Will you please join in me in covering my sister in law, Ashley and her three young children in prayer? God has been so faithful throughout all of this and we will still trust Him, even when we don't understand. 
As far as the pregnancy goes, which seems trivial at this point....
We are praising God for normal fluid levels this week which also means no more blood sugar checks (which were all normal.)
Both babies got perfect scores on their biophysical exams. 
Both babies are still head down! So thankful.
The stress of the past few weeks have been difficult on my body but babies are still doing so well.
I go to the doctor tomorrow (tuesday) for my 34 week appointment where they may start cervical checks. We also have a growth scan tomorrow to see how big our sweet ones are.

Stretch Marks? Yes, they are here! Lots of tiny ones.

Sleep? Once I get to sleep, I do okay but getting to sleep is VERY uncomfortable. 

Movement? They are getting more crowded in there so I can feel the rolling of elbows and knees more than punches or kicks.

Cravings? None really.

Gender? Boy and girl

Belly Button In or Out? Out!

Symptoms: GIANT feet! Out of nowhere they have swollen up and they don't go down. Also, my belly is just getting so giant that I am usually uncomfortable all the time but praising God to still be carrying them this long.

Best moment of the week? Time with my precious family and just getting through this unspeakable tragedy together. 

What I am looking forward to: Our growth scan and biophysical is tomorrow. 


  1. aww Kathleen...everytime I see your new photo each week it just brings a massive smile to my faith! You are too sweet!!! I love your joy in the Lord, very encouraging!

    Sending lots of love and prayers your way from across the pond! The Brits are lifting you up i prayer as well!

  2. *smile to my face haha

  3. We are continuing to pray for your entire family, Kathleen. Praising God that Jack Henry and Hadley are doing so well. Y'all are still constantly on my mind.....

  4. Lifting you and Luke up daily, along with Ashley and the children. So glad you are doing well physically and the babies are so healthy.


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