Quick Update for our 32 Week Appointment

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Measuring: 42 weeks!

Babies positions: BOTH head down! Praise the Lord!

Biophysical test: This is the ultrasound where they check for breathing movements, fetal movements, amniotic fluid levels, muscle tone and heart rate. If the babies don't receive a perfect score, it means they could be in distress, and then you will be sent to the hospital for a non stress test. Thankfully, both babies received perfect scores :) 

My doctor was out of town, so I saw a different doctor today. When she came back to the room, she told me that there was too much fluid in the babies sacs (polyhydramnios.) She said that Hadley's was borderline but Jack Henry's was for sure too high (I don't know the exact number of how high, this is something I will ask next week.) She said the cause is usually unknown but can be related to gestational diabetes. I passed my glucola test earlier in my pregnancy but two appointments ago I had some glucose in my urine. I had just eaten that morning and my doctor said it was nothing to be concerned about because my kidneys were perfusing so much because of the twin pregnancy that after eating, I would tend to run high naturally but it had nothing to do with diabetes. I haven't had any glucose in my urine since. Because I have PCOS, my risk for gestational diabetes is higher, so to be sure I have to check my sugar four times a day, record them all, and bring the log back to the doctor next week where we would discuss further... I start all of this tomorrow. 
It seems like polyhydramnios is probably no big deal but it can increase your risk for Premature rupture of membranes and puts you at other risks for labor like cord prolapse and placental abruption. I know I am closely monitored and this is all in God's hands so I am choosing not to worry.

The plan... to monitor my levels weekly at my biophysical profiles. I go back next Thursday to check it all again, and I hope to find more out from my doctor and pray the fluid levels might go down by next week. 

We are so thankful that the babies don't seem to be concerned with these high levels and I will keep you posted next week. We want these babies to cook for another 4-6 weeks! 

Prayers would be appreciated. Thank you:)

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  1. Your doing great momma! I had poly with my baby boy too! I did end up having prom but I made it to 38 and 6. You and your babies are such troopers I'm sure you can make them stay with their mommy awhile longer!


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