34 Weeks

Friday, July 20, 2012

We are thrilled to say that we made it to our first "worst-best case scenario" goal. These babies have been viable for the past 10 weeks but chance of survival and a long NICU stay would have been two scary realities. Our doctor has said all along that once the babies get to 34 weeks, they tend to do very well. Obviously, the longer we can keep them growing inside of me, the better. They will be much better feeders the longer they are in me and just more mature and ready to be in this world. Our next goal is 36 weeks which is considered "full term twins" and then if I haven't gone into labor by 38 weeks, I will be induced. So as of today, I am 34 weeks and 3 days and have a MAXIMUM of 3 weeks and 4 days left. That is 24 days! WOW! 
Our doctors appointment went well. As you can see, I posted our big growing babies weights below which we were thrilled about! These are estimated weights and can be off by as much as a pound, but we will take it! Hadley is still head down and Jack Henry turned from head down to transverse again, but still a vaginal birth plan. They both scored perfect on their biophysical exams and Jack Henry's fluid is back to be considered high but they are just going to continue to monitor. I get swabbed next week for beta strep and will definitely begin cervical checks next week. We give all glory to God for such a wonderful pregnancy.

Nothing has really changed from last week, so I decided not to post my little "weekly fact" deal. I am feeling larger than life and we have or next appointment this tuesday, July 24th.

Would you please join me in praying for my friend Mandy? She is now 25 weeks pregnant with her twins and was admitted to the hospital earlier this week for pre-term labor. She will be staying in the hospital for the remainder of her pregnancy which we hope will be many many more weeks. 

We can't begin to thank you all enough for continuing to keep our family in your prayers after the loss of my husband's brother. We are feeling a peace that surpasses all understanding and watching the body of Christ come together has been just beautiful. We all have a giant whole in our hearts that won't ever be full again until we reunite with Matt and the Lord in eternal life. If this has taught our family anything it would be the URGENCY in having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are not promised tomorrow and the only thing worth living for on this earth is Jesus. He is the way the truth and life and no one can go to the father except through him. He is aching to know you, won't you please give him your heart and walk with him daily in a life of obedience? 


  1. You are all belly and skinny everywhere else! And you are the cutest pregnant lady ever!

  2. I agree with you Kristlyn.
    God Bless You Katey and your chocolate man, my brother Luke :)

  3. God Bless your Heart. Thank you for taking your time to share your personal life and journey with the world. I can't even begin to express how your story has touched me. I do know that I was sent to your blog for reassurance, guidance, and insight. For you and I have different paths but one truth. Integrity, Wholeness, and Love to you my Soul Sister, -Mandy Forrester


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