2 Month Doctor's Appointment...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

We had a great 2 month doctor's appointment! (posting this a bit late) The babies are perfectly healthy and are growing BIG! They are still 100% breast fed and it looks like its working out well for them :) Here are their stats...

Jack Henry: Weight:11lb 15oz (95th percentile for boys)
                       Length:22 1/8 inches(85 percentile for boys)
                       Head circumference:42.5 in (off charts!)
Hadley: Weight:12lb 5 oz (90th percentile for girls)
                Length:22 7/8 (75th percentile for girls)
                Head circumference: 40.5 inches (off charts!)

They received 2 injections which made them very sad and fussy the rest of the day which was a bummer since they went to Louisville to meet lots of friends :(

Here are some more photos from the week...


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  1. Congrats on the awesome stats! My girls were in the 5th and 25th at this point!


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