3 months...

Monday, November 12, 2012

We cant believe they are already three months! They are still exclusively breastfeeding and since week 10 they have been sleeping 9-11 hours at night! They are on a 3-3.5 hr feeding schedule during the day and are becoming so alert and expressive. 

Jack Henry: You are really starting to make lots of ADORABLE cooing noises. You smile ALL the time! You have a flat spot on the back of your head from favoring one side, so we are working on evening your big adorable noggin out. Daddy has nicked named you BoeBoe this month, for some reason, and despite me thinking it was really dumb, I find myself calling you that sometimes! You are extremely happy and content and only fuss when you want to go to sleep or are very hungry. You are incredibly strong, daddy says like your uncle Matt. You have amazing neck control and love to stiffen your body into a plank, and grip your fists tightly! You are our joy and our sweet sweet boy and we love the joyful spirit God has created you to have.

Hadley: You are the most gentile and docile little lamb. You are the fussier of the two, but when you are content, you are extremely sweet and gentle. You love to be apart of everything, social like your momma, and when you can't be, you just dont like it. You are so good like your brother and just lay down right to sleep with out making a fuss, maybe crying on occasion for 5 minutes or less. You are a great breast feeder and continue to be so feminine. Your pinkies always extended and you have the most kind and gentle eyes. You love to cuddle and you are starting to coo and smile too! Your smiles are really just a big "open mouth" smiles... SO SWEET! You don't talk as much as your brother and the noises you make are from the back of your throat that sound like a "GEE" sound. You are our little lady and God has created you to be just so beautiful on the inside and out. 


  1. My son had a condition called torticolis where he could not move his neck on one side when he was a newborn and because of this he had a flat spot because he wasn't able to lay on the other side. Our physical therapist told us that anytime he is in something where he is sitting (such as a swing, car seat, stroller, to roll up a small washcloth and prop his head to where he is not laying on the favored side :) she said she wouldn't really recommend it when they are sleeping at night but maybe for naps when you can supervise then to do it at that time too. We never did when he was sleeping because it made me nervous since he obviously didn't have good head control since he couldn't move his neck. Just thought that might be a little tip to help :) your babies are adorable! I stumbled upon your blog via a friend and have just loved watching them grow :)

  2. How are they so big already! Happy 3 months Jack Henry & Hadley!


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