Meeting Patrick, Savannah and John Ryman!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

This past week was a big week for our babies as they got to meet some of our very best friends Patrick and Savannah Garcia along with their precious 10 month old son, John Ryman who were visiting from Dallas, Texas. We were just dying not being able to be with them until the babies were 10 weeks old, but we were so thankful we were all finally together... minus Luke :(
Savannah is one of my most precious friends. We got married 3 weeks apart and were TECHNICALLY pregnant together ( I was about 6 weeks pregnant when she delivered her baby boy.) And now we get to do motherhood together, which is just the biggest blessing to able to go through such a sweet season of life together, even if it is long distance. Savannah is a fabulous photographer and has taken some beautiful pictures from our little reunion which you can view on her wonderful blog Everyday Pitter Patter 
I didn't take nearly enough pictures but here are a few from our visit... 

We had many wonderful friends all meet together at a local park. 

We miss them so much already but are always thankful for our time together.

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  1. such great pictures! loved our time with you and your precious babies. I could've held them all day! (LOVE that first pic of JR- think you could send it to me?)


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