18 Weeks...

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I am late in posting this week because we were traveling the first few days of my 18th week back to Kentucky for my grandpa's funeral. He was 88 years old, so after everything my family has been through with death, 2 and a half years ago, perspective shifts and when you die old, it becomes much more manageable. It was great to be with family for three days and my papa will be greatly missed. It was a fast and full trip, but a good one. The gospel was shared and tears were shed and our family grew through it all. 

Maternity Clothes? Yes, mostly all. I am wearing a regular tank in this pic with my FAVE GAP maternity leggings. 

Stretch Marks? No new ones!

Sleep? Still sleeping great.

Movement? I felt a tiny little tap a couple days ago. 

Cravings? Nothing specific this week.

Gender? Boy 

Belly Button In or Out? Its officially flat! 

Weight Gain: +10 lbs so far

Symptoms: Pretty bad sciatic pain in my right bum.

Favorite Moment: Getting to feel a tiny little tap-tap :)

February 11, 1926- December 4, 2014

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