Week two with baby Walker

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Week two was another amazing week. Luke went into work Tuesday and Thursday while the twins were at preschool and this was our first week without family staying with us, simply as a family of 5 so we planned on this being our "transitional week." It was like finding a new normal, slowly, still with the help of my husband. I tried to do more myself this week since I knew this was my last week with Luke's help. I begin to feel more confident in my recovery and balancing all three children. Thursday came though, and this was Walker's first doctor's appointment. The plan was for all of us to ride to church where we would drop off the twins, and then I would hang out with Walker in Luke's office for about an hour until it was time for his appointment. However, I was feeling AWFUL that morning. I had run a really high fever all night and when I woke up it was almost 104. I felt awful. I had run a fever two nights before but had been without a fever for over 24 hours and then BOOM it was back. I was waking up totally soaking wet, but my body does that anyway post pardum, getting rid of all the extra fluid. But this time I knew it was a fever because my whole body ached. I knew I needed to call the doc because I was just 13 days post op and didn't want there to be an infection. I checked my incision, and it looked fine. My breasts were a little tender but I thought it wasn't abnormal for a new breast feeding mom, but after talking to my friend, she convinced me that I had mastitis. I was supposed to see my doctor the next day to have a normal 2 week incision check, so he wanted to wait and see me then and started me on an antibiotic just in case. I had faint redness on one side, and sure enough the next day, he confirmed that I had it. My milk supply is really good since my body is used to making milk for two and sweet Walker is often so full after one side, he wont touch the other, so milk was staying stagnant and getting backed up and thus the mastitis. I called my lactation consultant who gave me the go ahead to start pumping. After the medication and the pumping I begin to feel much better and now am pretty much totally healed. It was pretty HORRIBLE though, and I felt like I got hit by a truck, so I am very thankful to be on the other side of that! 
Walker's doctors appointment went perfectly. We had been unhappy with our pediatrician here, and never liked the twins's pediatrician in Cincinnati either, but the one I wanted to get in with here was only taking infants and their siblings, so I have been waiting to have another baby so we could switch everyone over, and we feel SO BLESSED to have this new doc. He is more holistic and just precious and we can't say enough good about him so far. Walker got weighed and he is now...

9lb 9oz (80th percentile)
Still at his birth length 21.5 inches (50th)
Head circumference (95th) hey its on the charts! 
Praising God for a perfectly healthy and happy baby.

My hormones are becoming more in control (yay!) and this little guy is just the SWEETEST! He still doesn't hardly cry. At night when we lay him down after a feed, he either quietly goes to sleep or he will fuss for 5 minutes or less. His cry starts out a whimper to a mad cry and then just stops, there is a break and he may start the same cycle over again or he may not. All I know is I always set an alarm for 10 minutes if he does fuss and he never makes it to the 10 minutes for me to intervene. He hit his first big night sleep stretch of 5 hours and he is just precious. 

We are SO in love and week 2 was a great week prepping me for my first solo week (which started today.) The twin's last day of preschool is tomorrow... TEARS, and life is just so sweet. Here are some week two pictures....

 Mother's Day 2015

 We got our newborn pictures taken, those are coming soon :)

Dr. New, my awesome OBGYN.

It was another great week. 

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