33 Weeks with Brooks and Ellis...

Thursday, December 28, 2017

I am 33 weeks with these sweet baby bears and the last almost 2 weeks have been GREAT! I have been fairly comfortable, my heart rate is under control after a weird Benadryl induced tachycardia spell, and my sciatica is about gone. I have very hard moments but overall, I am not complaining! Im still sleeping pretty well at night, I just wake up with extremely sore ribs. The space right under my breasts is getting so so sore from the babies growing upwards. My belly is starting to swell ( I have pitting edema under my belly which Is pretty uncomfortable) and my belly just feels SO SO heavy! I have gained right at 40 pounds now and tomorrow I go in for a check (I will be 33+5) and then I believe I will go in weekly. At this point in the pregnancy with Jack Henry and Hadley my feet were starting to swell and I haven't had any of that yet! Praise the Lord. I feel like all over I am a little puffy from fluid but no crazy swelling. Im pretty sure my BP is good, but I will find out tomorrow. I am trying to sit with my legs propped up as much as I can throughout the day and I can't believe exactly 1 month from tomorrow I will be meeting our precious boys! Its starting to get real! I am ALMOST done with their nursery (planning on completing it THIS weekend)
Most of my maternity cloths don't fit me any more ( you can see where there is a weird flap under my shirt from where its too short) I am feeling so thankful to carry them this far with no complications yet. Praying for another month!

  1. 33 weeks with Walker

33 weeks with Jack Henry and Hadley

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