32 weeks with Brooks and Ellis...

Monday, December 18, 2017

So I skipped a week again :( It seems life with three littles and two on the way requires more of a bi-weekly update :)
I can't believe I am at 32 weeks! Its starting to sound a little closer. I have 6 weeks from today before my scheduled C-section which in ways seems close but in ways seems far. 
We had a great 31 week check up. Boys looks great and my uterus is measuring 46 weeks! I had been having really bad itching all over my body with no rash, so I was worried it could be a liver condition called cholestasis which can be dangerous for the babies and sometimes the only symptom is itching (but usually just on the palms of your hands and soles of feet, but wanted to get a blood check to rule it out) 
Turns out I think I was taking way too many baths (up to 3 a day, because they help me get comfortable) and my doc recommended Benadryl which ended up putting me into tachycardia (High heart rate) My heart rate was in the 140s for 24 hours and I have to tell you it was kind of scary! Luckily we figured it was the Benadryl and its back down. My blood pressure remains good. I'm up 35 pounds. And I go back on 12/29 for my next check (right after Christmas so it should come quickly) I will be almost 34 weeks and then believe I will go weekly.
Its starting to get physically hard but I'm not miserable yet. I definitely have miserable moments but I'm not allowing myself to be "over it" yet because I still need to carry these boys another 5-6 weeks and I will do nothing good for myself to go there. 
Even though these next 6 weeks will be the hardest, I am still enjoying this. I mean, I am carrying two precious lives inside me?! How INCREDIBLE! I'm still amazed. Christmas is a week from today and I know that will keep me busy. Side note, the way my friends and church family have stepped up, has been INCREDIBLE! Meals, help and kind gestures have absolutely humbled me and blown me away.
Luke and I enjoyed a nice Christmas date tonight down to a restaurant I went to with some girls last month and fell in love with,Rise, in Ft.Worth. It was a lovely evening and a much needed night just the two of us. We took this picture when I got home (sorry, the chalkboard just isn't happening)

32 weeks with Walker

32 weeks with Jack Henry and Hadley 

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