19 weeks pregnant with our boys!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Well, oops I am 19 weeks today and I slacked getting my 18 week shot, so here were my 18 week shots with my other two pregnancies... (Jack Henry and Hadley on the left, Walker on the right)
This week has been good. I am still taking 2 diclegis (anti Nausea) at night and my appetite/stomach in the general is still not right/upset but it is way more manageable than it was in the beginning and I know double the hormones can make it that much harder on my body, so thats okay! We were so thankful to have a very healthy anatomy scan with the doctor this week and confirmed 2 boys and most importantly found out they look just perfect. Thank you Lord for healthy babies!!! I also felt them move at 18 weeks (the sweetest little taps) not happening all the time, but every so often I will feel a little something!
I was taking OTC heartburn meds that weren't cutting it, so I am now on pantoprazole and it is making such a difference! Very thankful! Super burning chest at night on top of the nausea was no fun. Still having pretty bad sciatica as I have with all my pregnancies, but working on that too! This week we just praise that they are looking so healthy. We are having a hard time with names.... coming up with ones that we both love but I am hoping we nail some down soon. 
Here I am at 19 weeks with these precious boys...

Maternity Clothes? Yes, and am trying to get use of all my normal cloths I can fit in while I can too.

Sleep? Sleeping good.

Movement? I am feeling movement! No hard kicks yet but tiny taps that started mid week 18.

Cravings? Still not loving food.

Gender? Boys :)

Belly Button In or Out? Flat/out

What I miss: Nothing this week. Just focusing on the blessing that I get to partake in!

Symptoms: Sciatica, heartburn (controlled pretty nicely with meds) nausea 

Best moment of the week? Feeling the babies and having a healthy anatomy scan!

What I am looking forward to: Naming these boys! 

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