20 weeks with our boys :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Here I am 20 weeks with my baby boys! I am getting so excited and am most excited to name these boys! We have always had such an easy time naming out children but this time has been a lot harder. Boy names have always been hard for us and to come up with TWO more is challenging. Luke and I have always really agreed on names, but this time, that has been hard too! I really love getting attached and connected and excited about my babies when I name them, so hopefully we can nail that down soon. I began feeling tiny movement in my 18th week but as of now, I am feeling them move much more often and loving every minute. 
I still don't feel like myself (as far as appetite and nausea go) which is a bummer but I'm not constantly nauseated so I am thankful for that! Still taking my diclegis at night and I'm going to finish this bottle up and see how I do with out it and my nausea. I can't believe I'm in the 20s now! Ive gained 16 pounds so far ( a little less than I did with Jack Henry and Hadley but also had a heavier start to this pregnancy than I di with theirs) It's getting exciting!

 20 weeks pregnant with Walker
20 weeks pregnant with Jack Henry and Hadley 

Maternity Clothes? Can wear really long t shirts and a few dresses and tunics that aren't maternity but for sure hanging out in mostly maternity yoga pants and maternity tanks.

Sleep? Sleeping well!

Movement? Feeling the baby more and more, especially at night. I am loving every moment. 

Cravings? I had a strawberry lemonade that tasted AMAZING

Gender? Boys

Belly Button In or Out? out 

Symptoms: Heartburn totally controlled with pantoprazole (miracle drug) Still averted to foods, sciatica 

Best moment of the week? Having Luke feel them move for the first time.

What I am looking forward to: Naming these boys.

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