First Trimester in review for my twin boys

Sunday, September 10, 2017

This was NOT an easy first trimester! I was SO blessed to have no morning sickness with Jack Henry and Hadley and just a few queasy weeks with Walker. This pregnancy has by far been the hardest. Maybe because I am 30 now instead of 24 like I was with my first twins or maybe its just the pregnancy, but here were my symptoms that started at 6 weeks zero days.

Extreme nausea NON STOP. The no break was what was tough and I am 18 weeks writing this now, and I am still on my nausea medication (dicelgis) I tried to come off it 10 days ago and my nausea came back with a vengeance. 

Vomiting. I am so thankful this was only an every other day occurrence usually just once a day ( usually at night) No fun at all.

Exhaustion. Exhaustion like I never have known. I was SOOOOOO tired with my first twins, and very tired with Walker too but making two babies and two placentas is not an easy job. Very tried and this time I had three little sweeties to take care of which made it more challenging. My medication for my nausea is a combination of vitamin b6 and unison (sleeping pill) so this made the exhaustion even harder. I had to nap while Walker napped every single day. 

I am still having food aversions (food just doesn't sound good at all) but filling up with carbs is the only thing that will settle my stomach. Its a terrible problem to have, having to eat junk and not even enjoy it lol

I love pregnancy so so so much and I still do but this one is making this most likely my last pregnancy a little easier to come to grips with :)

Here are some growing belly shots in the first trimester...

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