26 weeks with Brooks and Ellis

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

I'm 26 weeks and feel like I have taken a good turn before things get really physically hard. I have been off my nausea medication for a week now and I am doing well with that! I also started seeing a chiropractor for my sciatica which has improved it DRASTICALLY. She massages my lower back and puts K tape on it as well as adjusting and I can't tell you how much better it is! I am getting my gestational diabetes test done this week and I am praying I pass. Ive never had issues in the past and with Jack Henry and Hadley, I passed my test but later in the pregnancy developed polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid) and one of the causes can sometimes be high blood sugars so I had to stick and monitor myself for a week with that pregnancy but ended up being fine again. A twin pregnancy is just a whole different ball game and your kidneys are overworked so much trying to profuse all the excess blood and fluid that GD can be common, so prayers I don't have to deal with that.

The most exciting thing though is we FINALLY have names. It has been so challenging and hard for Luke and I to be on the same page at times, but we have talked and talked and prayed and prayed and finally came up with our names and we couldn't be more excited or in love! I have been wanting to name them for so long so I can attach their names to their kicks. When I go into my doctor's appointment he will tell me which baby will come out first (baby A) and which one will come out second (baby B) and then I can identify them more and fall even deeper in love with them. 

So our names are Brooks Ezra and Ellis Class. They will just go by their first names unlike my precious Jack Henry. Y'all know I love a double name. Brooks has always been a name I have loved and Ezra, a wonderful biblical name Luke has especially liked. We both liked Ellis and Class is the last name of Luke's grandfather. He died in a plane crash when his mother was an infant. When choosing names this time it was SO hard because I felt like we had a million girl names but our boy well was dry. The names also had to go with our other children's names. We don't have a letter theme or a specific theme, but the overall feel had to be right. When I look for a name I don't want it to be too used but not too "out there" I love a good Southern name that has a classy feel but still kind of cool? Do you get me?? lol its a lot and while there are so many names I "like", there are few I would actually USE. 

So here I am with our precious Brooks and Ellis. 

 26 weeks with Jack Henry and Hadley 

Sleep? Sleeping is good. I am sleeping with my friends U shape pillow and it has helped a lot! 

Movement? Moving TONS and seeing and feeling so many cool "baby parts" in my belly. 

Cravings? nothing really. Food is still not normal for me this pregnancy. 

Belly Button In or Out? OUT. 

Symptoms: Symptoms have really faded this week, just overall hip pain. 

Best moment of the week? Officially deciding on names. 

What I am looking forward to: Next ultrasound and doctors appointment in 2 days as well as a prenatal massage on the same day.

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