28 weeks with Brooks and Ellis

Friday, November 24, 2017

Yay for being in my third trimester! And I only have 10 weeks TOPS! Probably more like 9? The last few weeks I have been eased from nausea and the growing belly is getting a little intense. Nothing CRAZY but for sure picking up in intensity. Its getting harder for me to find a "comfortable" position and sleep is not UNBEARABLE but its getting a little more challenging. I passed my glucose test and babies are looking perfect. Heads are measuring Davidson style... one month ahead (Good thing I'm having another C-section lol) 
I get pretty out of breath pretty easily and am trying to stay off my feet for long periods of time as I want these babies to grow INSIDE of me as long as possible. 
We had a great thanksgiving with my in laws and Next Friday I will have another OB appointment and will choose their birthday! Tomorrow is my last day of week 28 and as excited as I am to meet them and not be so uncomfortable, It kind of hit me that this is the last trimester of what is more than likely my last pregnancy. I love love love the gift of carrying my babies and I will surely miss it, even though over the next 10 weeks I will probably be crying for mercy lol
I also was too whooped to make a chalkboard but hey, at least I got a pic right? Brooks and Ellis, 70 days MAX til I will be holding, loving, cuddling and kissing you! I can't wait!

Pregnant with Jack Henry and Hadley (left), With Walker (right)

Sleep? Starting to become uncomfortable. 

Movement? Moving TONS. I can see them move on the outside really well. 

Symptoms: Sciatica flared up again but went to the chiropractor and already a bit better. Getting out of breath and just worn out when on my feet too long.

Best moment of the week? Passing my glucose test! 

What I am looking forward to: Scheduling the C-section and working on the nursery. 

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