27 Weeks with Brooks and Ellis

Friday, November 17, 2017

Well yay for only having one more day in week 27! This is the 

week that I believe all twin pregnancies really start to pick 

up! At this point you are measuring full term for a singleton 

and I still have 10ish weeks left. I am doing okay though! I 

feel like its not worth feeling "miserable" or "complaining"

 because I just have too much time left where I am going to 

get a whole lot more uncomfortable! Pregnancy is SUCH a 

gift and I want to soak it all in, even when its hard. Its just a

 season, right? I am SO happy to know their names and with 

my baby shower tomorrow, it is beginning to feel more real! 

SO exciting! Im excited for thanksgiving week and pray all of 

ya'll have a wonderful thanksgiving and truly reflect on the 

many blessings we all have.

27 weeks with Walker

27 weeks with Jack Henry and Hadley

Maternity Clothes? Well, I am having a hard time finding maternity cloths that fit now! If they are big enough for the belly, they are too big everywhere else, and if it fits me everywhere else, it is too small for the belly... A problem that will probably grow worse. I find myself wearing Luke's T-shirts around the home when I don't need to be fashionable.

Sleep? Decent. I just wake up with a very stiff and sore back.

Movement? Moving TONS :)

Cravings? Excited for thanksgiving food!

Symptoms: Belly is BIG and tight, some leg cramps, back aches, and some braxton hicks contractions (these have been happening infrequently since 15 weeks)

Best moment of the week? Passing the glucose test! 

What I am looking forward to: My baby shower tomorrow! Cant wait to celebrate these boys with some of my very most precious friends! 

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