One week week with our baby boys...

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

You guys!!! They are here!!!! Brooks and Ellis joined our family one week ago tonight. I will be blogging separately about their birth story but my water broke at 37 weeks and 3 days and it has been magical ever since.
There are really no words to describe how it feels to give birth. There is NOTHING better, nothing else like it and the last week have created memories that will forever be burned in my heart and my mind for the rest of my life. 
At 7:01 our precious Brooks Ezra Davidson was born, weighing 6lbs 12 oz, 20 inches long. One minute later sweet Ellis Class Davidson was born weighing 7lb 2 oz. My heart grew and will never be the same. I am now a momma to FIVE amazing gifts. 
The last week has been full of recovery, nursing and baby snuggles. The babies eat every 2.5-3 hours and we set alarms to wake them, but sometimes at night they wake on their own. The are SO SLEEPY! I always forget how sleepy babies are in these early weeks. They sleep in rock n plays in our room and I find myself MISSING them because they sleep so much. Luckily we get so much great bonding and snuggling time nursing, which I treasure so much. Nursing is going great and we could not love these babies more.
I am doing well postpartum, I always forget how hard those first few days getting up and walking after a C-section can be. But I'm on my 6th day of recovery and my pain is minimal, I just have to take it super easy. I gained a total of 49 lbs this pregnancy and it is CRAZY that I have already lost 35 of those lbs! Its SOOOO much extra blood that my body is getting rid of now plus fluid from the babies, and the almost 14 lbs of baby I was carrying!
Jack Henry and Walker have been incredible with them! They love them and are so excited. My precious Hadley girl who is such a little momma and such a sweet girl is having the hardest time adjusting. Its not bad, but she is just not acting her self, and acting out some. I finally got her to open up and she misses me. I spent 4 nights in the hospital and spend most of my day in my room, nursing and napping and recovering from my C-section. She is my little shadow usually and has her grandparents taking care of her mostly right now, so I am really trying to make special time with just the two of us, little moments where we can connect, and I can fill up her love tank.
I am extremely weepy and hormonal which is how I always am after birth. I am literally so euphoric and so sentimental that ANYTHING can set me off. Just looking at Brooks and Ellis does it. Thinking about how fast they grow adds to it, just talking about how blessed I feel with my whole family, and then thinking about my pregnant belly that is no more.... YUP alllllll those thoughts make cry right now.
Our time in the hospital just the babies, Luke and I was truly unforgettable. We spent so much time just talking and being. I am soaking up these days as I know they go so fast and know we will soon be getting into a rhythm but for now, I am just enjoying each moment.

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